• In other words, if the rise in instability is greater than the fall in stability, delta E this is a positive delta E.


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  • And we have like two races in the fall.


    MIT赛艇选手 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • Levi-Strauss is repudiating the father and, in repudiating the father, showing himself to fall into the very mythic pattern that Freud had been the first to analyze.


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  • Familiarity--We tend to fall in love with people in our environment with whom we are already familiar.


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  • Could a purely physical being fall in love?


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  • And in fact, under type checking, different languages sometimes fall on a spectrum from weak to strong typing.


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  • So in a moment you're going to go ahead and hit the spacebar and then as things fall from the screen when they line up with the left arrow, hit the left arrow with a different arrow, hit that arrow and see how good a score you can get.


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  • He would fall over the bridge onto the track right in the way of the trolley car.


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  • For those of you who don't realize it, it's now about 12:00 in the evening tomorrow in Beijing Yeah, so anyway, I'll probably fall asleep by about 10:30.


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  • She has been born and raised in South Fall of her relatives with her.


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  • Because very often,with very good intentions, we may fall short of what we are capable of doing, or in some situations,even hurt more than help.


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  • This is the doom which Adam fell into, ; this is the fallen condition to which we've all been consigned; but the passage is so much more complicated than that because good and evil seem to have been mixed up in the apple before the Fall.


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  • Now, they are hoping that the price doesn't fall because they're announcing it with news and,in a sense, issuing the stock dividend is just a way to make it dramatic.


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  • Another characteristic of these years, which scholars refer to as the Dark Ages, just as they do the years after the fall of the Roman Empire-- dark for two reasons. Dark, in the most obvious way, because we don't have any writing, no record of them.


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  • The first one is Dr. Marvin Chun who teaches the Introduction to Psychology course in the fall and is my competition.


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  • Well, I actually think the Russian formalists can be defended against the charge that, unbeknownst to themselves, they fall back in to form-content distinctions by insisting on this variety of dualities.


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