• Basically,some councils in the early church, councils that would be called by the Emperor, for example,by Constantine or his successors.


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  • That's on tape, that's you know, you get on the early VHS and recording tapes as well, cassette players.


    关于黑人文化 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • The nativity of Christ, as you can imagine, was a popular subject for early seventeenth-century poets for pious early seventeenth-century poets.


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  • One of my favorite stories is, William Ruckelshaus, William Ruckelshaus who was head of the Environmental Protection Agency in the early 1970s.


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  • But the question is how are those of us of this generation, living that ethic out in the early 21st century?


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  • But it's actually not even quite so easy or so simple as these early scenes that I've just discussed might make out.


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  • And why I'm hesitating is, in the early days of the 20th century, the Nobels were first given in 1901.


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  • So he came up with the ideas that led to the idea of Lewis structures in the very early 1900's.


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  • It is, in fact, a very deliberate and self-conscious repudiation of that late romantic aesthetic that Yeats's early book, and even the cover of that early book, represents.


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  • The canon of Mommson,early fourth century canon, includes Matthew,Mark,John,and Luke,in that order.


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  • They're trying to achieve satisfaction through their mouth of a sort they didn't get in this very early stage of development.


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  • Freedom was threatened in early modern times by the emergence of monarchies that might have been able to crush it.


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  • What's a physical mechanism that could lead to differences between these two cells at this very early stage of development?


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  • So it's this interesting scenario where it's probably hit or miss, certainly early on and as one of the clips they are indicated, these are the kinds of things where computers ideally have to learn overtime.


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  • It isn't the Red Sea. That's a mistranslation that occurred very very early on, so it's led to the notion that they were at the Gulf of Aqaba or somewhere near the actual big ocean water.


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  • All right. Now de Man's early career was influenced -I'm not speaking of the very early career in which he wrote these articles, but the early career involving the essays which were collected in his first book, Blindness and Insight.


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  • There's every indication that Milton believed, as I had mentioned before, at an unconscionably early age, that poetry was his vocation.


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  • As early as the late seventeenth century, Milton had already entered what we can think of as the English literary canon.


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  • And he has a theory about early life and perfectly appropriate as far as one can tell of what pre-human form he studied.


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  • He'd seen himself as a Jeremiah or as an Isaiah, and there were all those early gestures of prophecy.


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  • My stepfather was a former priest, one of the early black men ordained to the priesthood in the United States.


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  • So, last date we were looking at some early taxonomy, and then on to a little bit more about the interior of the atom.


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  • In the early years of the English Revolution, one of the hottest flash points of political contention was the degree of appropriate state involvement in the church.


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  • The very idea that a figure so virtuous could have been dealt such a tragic and early death strikes Milton, or Milton's speaker here, as the rankest injustice.


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  • In late 2005, early 2006, we all broke up into separate groups.


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  • The only important thing to realize about that is that these differences start to occur very early in development.


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  • This is a course that introduces you to the New Testament literature, but also the history of other material from the very first one hundred years or so of early Christianity.


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  • Virgil alludes to just this passage in Homer when he describes the entrance of a whole crowd of people in to the underworld as "the falling of leaves in the early frost of autumn."


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  • So already by the time 2 Peter was written, which was much later than the letters of Paul, Paul's letters have come to be regarded by at least some early Christians as scripture themselves.


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as early as 早在…的时候

early or late 迟早

early in 早在…的时候

early stage 早期,初期

early on 在早期;从事,经营;继续下去

early warning 预先警报

early days n. 前期;[口]尚早;过早

early diagnosis 早期诊断

early morning 清晨;早上;早晨

early in the morning 清晨;大清早

get up early 早起;[口]机警;清醒

as early as possible adv. 尽快地

early childhood 幼儿教育

early detection 早期发现;早期检测

early spring 早春

early warning system 预警系统;预先警报系统

in the early days 早期;在早些年代

early and late adv. 从早到晚;始终

early date 早期

early bird 早起者;早到者

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