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  • Its difficulty lies in Milton's tendency in this poem to seek out what Dr. Johnson wonderfully calls remote allusions.


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  • They have the greatest organization, they have the greatest owner, Dr. Jerry Buss.


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  • Another way into this problem: let's look at the comments that Dr. Johnson made about Milton's Lycidas in the eighteenth century.


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  • The first one is Dr. Marvin Chun who teaches the Introduction to Psychology course in the fall and is my competition.


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  • We're saying the probability of from the nucleus in some very thin shell that we describe by d r.


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  • So these are diets where they put their name on the book like this, and of course, the classic one of all time was Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution.


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  • So Dr. Pepper or something, is there one?


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  • dE/dr=0 We take dE by dr equals zero at r equals r naught.


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  • Back on 108. This is the nurse who has just escaped from Dr. Hilarius: "'He thinks someone's after him.' Tear streaks had meandered down over the nurse's cheekbones."


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  • who was refuted by Dr. Johnson who kicked a stone and leaped away in terrible pain saying, "I refute it thus."


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  • I am delighted to welcome Dr. Eboo Patel to be with us today.


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  • From Barak Obama.com, a moral imperative by any measure, by any measure, mark that, Dr. Sowell, a better health care system is also essential to rebuilding our economy.


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  • And because I had Dr.Shapiro's voice at back of my mind-- permission to be human, that helped me a great deal-- experience the envy when I experienced it, accept it; and then enjoy and celebrate it-- the positive emotions that I experienced toward David.


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  • I partied with Eminem, Too Short, Dr. Dre, Ray J. That's my cousin actually.

    我跟埃米纳姆、Too Short、Dr. Dre、Ray J一起参加过聚会。最后那个其实是我表哥。

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  • Dr. Samuel Johnson the greatest of all eighteenth-century literary critics is absolutely flabbergasted that Milton would have these brothers do something so stupid.


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  • Okay. Famously, Dr. Johnson couldn't bear this poem, Lycidas - Dr. Johnson, the greatest of all literary critics of the eighteenth century.


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  • So, I have to say, I am very excited now to introduce you to Dr. Taylor, Taylor who I would be teaching with this semester -- limited engagement -- who will tell you about some of the course policies.


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  • And it took Dr. Penfield at McGill University to do the same thing with people.


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  • The very structure, in fact, of Milton's poem here is what Dr. Johnson would be obliged to call a remote allusion.


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  • Oh, great. So, that is her daughter, Sam that you see strapped to the chest, and Dr. Patti Christie helping us out here.


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  • Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema is the world's authority on depression, and in particular, on sex differences and depression, and she's going to talk about this towards the end of the course.


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  • Dr. Patel, I'm going to go through this quickly.


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  • The difficulty of the poem lies to a great degree, I think, in something that Dr. Johnson had noted in his attack or in his criticism on Lycidas that I mentioned on Monday.


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  • Dr. Peter Salovey, Dean of Yale College, is going to come to us on Valentine's Day and tell us everything he knows about the mysteries of love.


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  • It's just this kind of rhetorical trick that Milton uses - so many rhetorical tricks like this that Milton will use throughout the poem -- that led Dr. Johnson to say in utter exasperation, but admiration, that "Milton wrote no language": this isn't English that Milton is writing here.


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  • So, we can do that by using this equation, which is for s orbitals is going to be equal to dr 4 pi r squared times the wave function squared, d r.


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  • If I join a fraternity-- it is also by the way illegal but if I were to join a fraternity and they say, "Welcome to the fraternity, Dr. Bloom.


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  • So thank you once again, Dr. Patel.


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  • We differentiate dE by dr.


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  • Okay. That's the end. I want to remind you a final time to look at your Spenser, the cave of Mammon episode, as well as Dr. Johnson's brief comments on Sin and Death.


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