• All right, so one thing that I first want to point outabout MO theory that is a big difference from Lewis structures, is that in MO theory valence electrons are de-localized over the entire molecule.


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  • You said you're from Romania. Can you describe the difference between people here and in Romania?


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  • They're producing electrical signals in the brain they're not recording from the brain, but it's not that big of a difference.


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  • and he knew this the same way that we saw it in the last class, which is when we viewed the difference spectra coming out from the hydrogen, and we also did it for neon, but we saw in the hydrogen atom that it was very discreet energy levels that we could observe.


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  • Now, the brilliant thing about this argument is it goes from that to a conclusion about there being a difference between my mind and my body.


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  • What both Derrida and de Man say about the difference when one thinks of language coming into being, from thinking about all those other things coming into being, is that language does not purport to stand outside of itself.


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  • The dealer will charge a higher price for you to buy the furniture than will give to you to purchase the furniture from you; that's how the dealer makes a difference.


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  • So, that is something these writers share with modernism, but there is one big difference and I want to exemplify that for you just by reading to you two parallel texts, one from the modernist canon and one from the Beat canon.


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  • The poem's connection to music signifies the difference in point of view in these poems from reasoned speech.


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  • Again, to show you the difference, a different perspective, from a different point of view about the impact of this diet you can look at something like that.


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  • The wisdom to know the difference-- fortunately, a lot of this wisdom can come from studies, from research, from deep introspection that you will do throughout the semester.


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  • But from Mozart, major--difference between major and minor.


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  • You'll notice that there's a little bit of a difference in these equations here from the ones from the other day, which is that you have z squared value in there.


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  • And the significant difference between s orbitals and p orbitals that comes from the fact that we do have angular momentum here in these p orbitals, is that p orbital wave functions do, in fact, have theta and phi dependence.


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