• So the work was probably concluded shortly after that date: so in exile or towards the end of the exilic period.


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  • so it's... pretty near finals. So you can drop any classes you want up until the drop date with like no penalty.


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  • So, last date we were looking at some early taxonomy, and then on to a little bit more about the interior of the atom.


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  • You can really decide if you want to commit to it and work on it more or put it on a shelf for a later date.


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  • I'll be sending you a global e-mail bringing you up to date with some other things later on this afternoon.


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  • You find it in datable places and that's why we can give this some kind of date, such as in Egypt.


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  • I think Lee identified a small number, but definitely some of them, that were lying about the date.


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  • And in the next couple of lectures I'll show you why we think we can pinpoint around the date that the gospel of Mark was written.


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  • This is an iconography of belief,and you can see the dates because they'll put the date,like 1868.


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  • Should it be the date or the size of the document, pertinence to the case or another?


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  • One of the biggest challenges to date has been related to cultural relativism.


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  • Great animation but not perhaps a good date movie, so it's gone. Everyone see that?


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  • Some of these books which we think are roughly from a certain date, they will contain narrative snippets or legal materials or oral traditions that may even date back or stretch back further in time, and they were perhaps transmitted orally and then ended up in these written forms.


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  • And then you work out the exact date?


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  • And then our drop date is normally, I'm not exactly sure when, but it's actually probably in November,


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  • All right,there's somebody who comes along and says, Oh,I need to get to a date.I'm going to be late.


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  • And secondly, it turns out their definition of unwelcome sexual advance was broad enough to include someone being asked out on the date by someone they don't want to go out with.


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  • So if you want to go there with your girlfriend or a date, or just one other person,


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  • If you ask what is today's lunar date, we will come up with a calendar of it. So, lunar dates.


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  • We can do that by intercepting our observation with the date base and knowledge we required, the whole color map.


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  • If you focus on some of the minutia of a site like this, you know, it's useful to be able to jump to a particular date whether in the future or in the past.


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  • So, we have this security and a ten-year bond would have twenty coupons attached, each with a date on them.


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  • These anachronisms and confused chronologies in the patriarchal stories are the rule rather than the exception in their view, and they are evidence of a very late date of composition.


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  • And again, I think these days they tend to down date it by another century or so, so it might be around 1900 B.C.


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  • But should President Obama president have put down to let 2011 the date as the date of the begining of the withdrawl of American presence?


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  • But it is a great predictor of a second date.


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  • Don't laugh, I'll bring samples next date.


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  • Using the material you've learned in class, you'll be expected to answer some big questions for an 8-page final paper that you'll turn in at a date to be assigned.


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  • What does it tell us that we have a great deal of proverbs, or wisdom material in certain parts of the Bible that we might date to a certain time? What does this tell us about society and what people were doing?


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  • If our date for him, which is very problematical, is right roughly, then by certainly 700 B.C.


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up to date adj. 最新的;最近的;现代的

out of date 过时的;过期的;废弃的

delivery date 交货日期

early date 早期

date of birth 出生日期

expiry date 到期日;有效期限

date from 追溯到;始于;起源于

blind date n. 从未见面的男女经第三者安排所作的约会

date of shipment 装船日期;发料日期

due date 到期日

effective date 有效日期;生效期

on a date 约会

expiration date 截止日期

shipment date 装船日期;装运期

date of delivery 交货日期

date back 追溯到;回溯至

keep up to date 使记到最近时期;赶上时代潮流

release date 发布日期;发行日期;出厂日期

maturity date 到期日

chinese date n. 枣

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