• It refers instead, to the concrete, collective, communal salvation from national suffering and oppression, particularly in the form of foreign rule or enslavement.


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  • because your mind is already in that mode of bringing ideas from concept to something a little bit more concrete.


    英语写作:技巧 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • And the person we have to thank for actually giving us this more concrete way to think about what a wave function squared is is Max Born here.


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  • Then once you've got those two numbers, they're no longer free parameters; they're concrete numbers, maybe 5 and 9.


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  • But just to make it concrete and to see what's at stake, consider the distribution of wealth in the United States.


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  • We sponsor an online social network called Interfaith Bridge Builders Network with over a 1000 people who are in constant discussion of the concrete interfaith projects interfaith programs that are running.


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  • But the accountants thought we did. So that's earnings Dividends is very concrete, it's what they send out.


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  • It vaults the very concrete materiality, the physicality, of these characters and their circumstances.


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  • And so, when you think about how much cement concrete are consumed annually on the planet, this becomes a considerable point source of greenhouse gas emissions.


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  • It doesn't have a concrete independent existence. And that means that human beings and only human beings are the potential source of evil in the world. Responsibility for evil lies in the hands of human beings.


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  • The next phase, concrete operations, from seven to twelve, you can solve the conservation problem, but still you're limited to the extent you're capable of abstract reasoning.


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  • The best regime embodies a supreme paradox it would seem. It is superior in some ways to all actual regimes but it has no concrete existence anywhere.


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  • Now let's just make this more concrete for you.


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  • And to make this more concrete, if a firm is competing against a competitor it can be pretty sure, that competitor is a pretty sophisticated game player and knows that the firm is itself.


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  • It's an interesting question as to whether he really explains how a child goes from a concrete thinker to an abstract thinker, or how he goes from not having object permanence to understanding object permanence.


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  • They're spending money on concrete, and bricks, and machinery, and they could be doing that wisely or unwisely and that's beyond finance to evaluate.


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  • The dividend is something much more concrete.


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  • The child is able to do a lot, but still it's to some extent stuck in the concrete world.


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  • In Lolita the vision of America is minute; it's detailed; it's concrete.


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  • And we want to do that in tangible, concrete ways, but the question is how? -Absolutely.


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  • They provided a service to society and society responded by somehow they got their wealth, so I think that -- So be concrete.


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  • Now, I want to do one concrete problem where you will see how to use these derivatives.


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  • So a lot of that is a concrete resource.


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reinforced concrete n. 钢筋混凝土

in the concrete 实际上,具体的

concrete structure 混凝土结构;具体结构;混凝土建造物

prestressed concrete (美)预应力钢筋混凝土

cement concrete 水泥混凝土

concrete pavement 混凝土路面;混凝土面层

concrete construction 混凝土结构[建筑];混凝土构造物

asphalt concrete 沥青混凝土

concrete beam 混凝土梁

concrete strength 混凝土强度

mass concrete 大块混凝土;无钢筋混凝土

concrete frame 混凝土构架;混凝土排架

reinforced concrete structure 钢筋混凝土结构;钢筋混凝土构筑物;钢砼结构

fiber reinforced concrete 纤维性混凝土

concrete slab 混凝土板

concrete wall 混凝土墙;保垒墙

concrete block 混凝土砌块;混凝土砖;混凝土趸;水泥砖

concrete bridge 混凝土桥

concrete dam 混凝土坝

concrete pile 混凝土桩

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