• So most of you know, hopefully, that a mule is a combination of a donkey and a horse.


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  • and so this was a sort of combination of everything that I love doing.


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  • Remember, we don't do a one-to-one correlation, because p x and p y are some linear combination of the m plus 1 and m minus 1 orbital.


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  • It seems formal and analytical in contrast to Machiavelli's combination of historical commentary and reflection drawn from personal experience.


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  • .. I can achieve any combination-- I can achieve any point on that by choosing an allocation of my portfolio.


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  • One is I've been talking as though a person is a combination, kind of a soul and body sandwich.


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  • So I think there's a combination of recognizing and the immensity of what is nature and the universe.


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  • It's ridiculous to think that literature could be defined in any one of those ways or even in a combination of all of them.


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  • If I'm basically just squeezing jello, that is, I'm trying to make the problem simpler, but the combination turns out to be really complex, I've not gained anything.


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  • Linear combination of atomic orbitals into molecular orbitals.


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  • I think you will find some combination, if you're sort of typical, but that combination doesn't ever have to be fifty-fifty, and I'm sure it very rarely is.


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  • It's that combination of aerobic exercise and spandex that leads to trouble.


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  • This one cell, this one fertilized cell which is unique because it's the - its chromosome contains the combination of the sperm and the egg, develops into an embryo and then on birth develops into a human.


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  • The simple city is little more than a combination of households designed for the sake of securing one's existence.


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  • So, we'll start by taking a look at constructive interference, and another way to explain this is just to say again, molecular orbitals are a linear combination of atomic orbitals.


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  • To see the nature of the problem you've got to think about the fact that it's a combination package.


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  • So, let's look at this in a more simple structure here where we have the two possible forms of benzene, and the reality is is that it's going to be some combination of the two.


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  • The fact that I haven't seen this particular combination of words " isn't enough to make it interesting."


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  • For others, it's a combination of that but also your research, the product of your research.


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  • So the reality of the situation is that it's a combination between these 2 structures.


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  • After all, if the person is the combination, if the person is the pair, soul plus the body, destroy the body, you've destroyed the pair.


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  • By the one, the few, the many, ? or some combination of these three categories?


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  • And these orbitals arise from the combination of individual atomic orbital.


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  • The negative combination effects that I was talking about are certainly there, but on balance I think the human condition for must of us is a good one.


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  • Better to have not had any of it, better to have not been born at all, say the pessimists, than to have this combination package of life followed by death.


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  • What Hicks said is that in these term structures, actually, I've just showed the one-period, he had one-period forward rate-- but you could do it over any combination and you can get forward rates of any maturity at any future date.


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  • But I want to pause for a moment and note that this assumption that the way to think about the value of the combination as just a matter of adding the goodness of life and the badness of death and just summing them that way-- that may not be right.


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  • So again, what we're talking about is the linear combination of atomic 2 p orbitals, and now we're talking about 2 p z.


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  • And the technique is called, watch because this is a six-letter initialization, linear combination of atomic orbitals LCAO-MO into molecular orbital, LCAO-MO.


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  • We talked about ionization energy, electron affinity, we talked about electronegativity, which is just kind of a combination of the first two, and then ended with atomic radius here.


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combination of …的组合

in combination 结合

combination with 与…结合

in combination with 与…结合,与…联合

linear combination 线性组合

color combination 配色;颜色合成

business combination 企业合并

chemical combination 化合;化合作用

combination skin 混合性皮肤

permutation and combination n. [数]排列组合

key combination [计]组合键,关键字组合

combination property 综合性能

load combination 荷载组合,负载组合

convex combination [数]凸组合

combination of enterprise 企业合并

combination lock 暗码锁;号码锁

combination valve 复合阀

combination drilling 联合钻眼,联合钻井

combination switch 组合开关;控制器

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