• if you've got a hill or valley and there's a cart on wheels it's going to go down to the bottom.


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  • In the case here, tha t I just illustrated with the little cart going down the valley, would be exactly the same with regular energy, the equilibrium state is one of lowest energy, right.


    麻省理工公开课 - 热力学与动力学课程节选

  • Yeah, so like a giant wedge, that's why the cart seems to move in front of you, so we're talking about musical volume here.


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  • I got a better horoscope from The Onion actually: "Riding in a golf cart with snow cone in hand, you'll be tackled by two police officers this week after matching a composite caricature " of a suspected murderer."


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  • This in some ways might seem a case of putting the cart before the horse or the cart before the course maybe because how can you say how can we say ? what political philosophy is in advance of doing it?


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  • I mean, think of going out to a nice dinner, you're completely full, your body doesn't really need more calories necessarily, your stomach has had enough, and then the dessert cart comes by, or there are the mints on the way out of the restaurant or something.


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  • So there is this story about his Uncle Hoskins who takes his horse and cart with Richard in the back and drives it into the middle of the Mississippi River as a kind of practical joke on Richard.


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  • The cart could be a little ways up the hill, and in this case, it's enthalpy, but again, there would be lots of accessible states.


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shopping cart 购物手推车

in the cart [英国俚语]处于困境,处于失利地位;为难  

golf cart 高尔夫球车;球具手推车

upset the apple cart 美梦破灭

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