• There was nature; now there is culture, which is very much like an event or birth in the older sense.


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  • No English poet before Milton ever suggested that he had been chosen by God at birth to be a poet.


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  • The same nations and the short life expectancy of birth probably the lowest quality of life in other areas.


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  • It's as if his knowledge of his own conception, his own birth, his own babyhood, is a natural knowledge.


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  • Further, the significance of Moses is hinted at through literary allusions in the narrative of his birth, his infancy.


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  • At Jesus' birth three wise men or three kings visited the Baby Jesus. Is that in the Bible?


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  • Notice here how Yeats images what is at the core of Christ's birth.


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  • That is, this kind of aristocratic outfit, aristocracy of birth, which is legitimized by heroic behavior on the battlefield.


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  • But what if you are able to find identical twins who were separated at birth, and reared in radically different environments.


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  • It has no more connection with its author from birth on and roams the world on its own.


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  • We are sitting here, looking at a great visual portrayal of the Myth of the Birth of Venus.


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  • There's a lot of interest in obtaining stem cells from the blood of the umbilical cord on birth.


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  • They started something that you may have heard of called The Baby Boom, so the birth rate shot way up and everyone wanted a home.


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  • Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, Homer described the fate of the companions of Odysseus who were transformed by a witch into pigs.


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  • But we can only remember, he thinks, in the relevant way if our soul existed before the birth of our body, before the creation of our body.


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  • But he had great birth, and so he started getting more power politically and financially by setting himself up as the patron of the patronless.


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  • What could possibly be more presumptuous than the association of the beginning of one's own career, one's own literary career, with the birth of the Christian messiah?


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  • The elegiac tone of this final section of the poem should give us some clues to the type of victory over paganism that Christ's birth is actually heralding here.


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  • This leads then to the account of the birth of Moses, and his exposure to the Nile River.


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  • If you lived during the time of Matthew himself, all of this stuff would seem fairly familiar to you, the idea that kings would come from far off and see a star, and that meant that the birth of someone great had been born.


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  • In other words, the sacrificial cult was primarily a vehicle for worshipers' expression of a wide range of emotions: joy over the birth of a child, thankfulness for a good harvest and so on.


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  • Knowing what iambic pentameter is, is not a gift of birth, but rather something that comes through a little bit of practice, which means we have to work at it a little bit.


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  • Milton's implicit connection between his own birth as a poet and the birth of the Son of God is an act of hubris that I think a lot of his contemporaries would feel more comfortable actually calling blasphemy.


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  • What he quotes from Levi-Strauss would seem, on the face of it, to have exactly the same kinds of reservation and hesitation about the emergence or birth of language that Derrida himself has.


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  • When you start out young-- We're unequal at birth, of course, because of our parents and the advantages we have, but relatively equal at a young age.


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  • Thank God. And even blind children, children blind from birth, will smile.


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  • Mythology is used to describe stories that deal with The birth, the life events of gods and demi-gods, sometimes legendary heroes, but narrating a sequence of events.


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  • First, in the first eight stanzas you have Milton describing the scene of the Nativity and the effect that the birth of this new infant has on the natural world.


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  • The birth of Jesus doesn't immediately effect the redemption of fallen man but it's the moment and this is why it's so important to Milton it's the moment at which that promise is made.


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  • They say: Oh, these ladies are too quick; We get there too late, they've already given birth by the time we arrive.


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give birth 生孩子;产仔

at birth 生下来时

birth control 避孕;节育

birth weight 出生体重;初生重

date of birth 出生日期

birth rate 出生率

by birth adv. 生来;在血统上

birth certificate 出生证明

new birth [神学]重生,新生

birth date 出生日期

birth place 出生地点;籍贯

birth defect 天生缺陷(等于congenital defect)

caesarean birth [医]剖腹产

place of birth 出生地

premature birth 早产

birth order 出生顺序

birth canal 产道

of noble birth 贵族出身

virgin birth n. [宗]童贞女之子;[动]单性生殖

year of birth 出生年份

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