• That's something that we see again and again and it's remarkable how little common sense is often applied.


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  • So, I applied to a lot of schools and from the ones I got in, I decided to come to Yale.


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  • Now if you read down, if you sort of skim down, you'll see that kind of language applied to critics.


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  • When the charge is applied, if the upper plate is negative, we would expect that the negative droplet would be repelled at a rate exceeding the gravitational fall.


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  • With each year that goes by the concepts of finance are being applied more broadly and involving more and more people.


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  • We will revert, as others revert to Lycidas, to Tony the Tow Truck for the purpose of introducing questions of applied theory.


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  • And once we applied our studies-- the resilience issue, everyone benefited and continued to benefit from it.


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  • I think that this sort of analysis shouldn't be applied to issues of human life.


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  • Your reaction may be that you've seen Newton's laws, you applied them in school.


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  • More generally, Chomsky suggests that the law of effect when applied to humans is either trivially true, trivially or uninterestingly true, or scientifically robust and obviously false.


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  • And for Milton, whose temperament up to this point inclined him obviously to hesitation, to postponement, and to merely the anticipation of profit, the pressure applied by this parable of the unprofitable servant may very well have seemed utterly unbearable.


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  • They are simply analytical tools. They're not inherently biased. They can be applied fairly to the text, and they're extraordinarily useful. It's just that some of the earlier practitioners of these methods did have ideological axes to grind, and we need to be aware of that.


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  • Another upheaval within Christianity arising from its focus on individual salvation, its inheritance of a tradition of penetrating reason, applied even to matters of faith and to the continuing struggle between church and state.


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  • We don't have requirements. We don't have to take math, that's the reason I applied to Brown,


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  • And the cause of some thermodynamics have even been applied to economics, systems out of equilibrium, like big companies like Enron, you know, completely out of equilibrium, crash and burn.


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  • He talks about the nobility of the poem, the force from within it being equal to the force that might be applied from without.


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