• It doesn't really make it any better that you're also going to give amnesia and drive insane somebody else.


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  • that I can't think of any place better to be than here,


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  • Or at least,it is clear what your alternatives are; it's not clear which alternative would be any better.


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  • Well, if this thing is going to vibrate for any length of time it better be a standing wave.


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  • Right, if nobody stands, each and every possible candidate would do better individually, so any particular voter would do better standing.


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  • So when we're designing stuff, we look not necessarily just about what any given users going to experience but what's going to be better for the whole community and the whole product.


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  • And if you have your calculator all set up as you love and you don't want to change it, then maybe you should just go and get an $8.00 scientific calculator that doesn't have any of the graphing functions, because you don't actually need them, so that's a better option for you, you can do that as well.


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  • From Barak Obama.com, a moral imperative by any measure, by any measure, mark that, Dr. Sowell, a better health care system is also essential to rebuilding our economy.


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  • You should see that the blue line is better than the pink line because, for any expected return, the blue line is to the left of the pink line, right?


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  • Are you better off in any way?


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  • Then, I find myself wanting to say, "That's not really any better. That's no improvement at all."


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  • So the psychological reading doesn't do any better,as far as I can see.


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  • The question isn't, is this explanation impossible?' The question is just, who's got the better explanation?' You guys can't offer any kind of explanation at all, yet.


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  • Better to have not had any of it, better to have not been born at all, say the pessimists, than to have this combination package of life followed by death.


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  • To go philosophically from life's so bad given the nature of the human condition, life followed by death, that better to never have had any of it than to have just had a taste and a tease and so forth.


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