• From the point of view of the school age of youngsters' population, there are really, I think, two implicit purposes.


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  • It's bad enough to say that a lot of the girls get pregnant at a younger age than opposed to here.


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  • So if you think of the effect of technology on the different populations, the young-age and the adult-age learners.


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  • There's every indication that Milton believed, as I had mentioned before, at an unconscionably early age, that poetry was his vocation.


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  • Some of the sites that are said to be destroyed by Joshua and the Israelites weren't even occupied in this period, ; the late Bronze Age, beginning of the Iron Age; the Iron Age begins around 1200.


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  • Mark has a skill which, a number of skills, which one rarely sees in an entrepreneur no matter what the age is.


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  • They say, "Yeah, yeah the Greeks were terrific, they achieved wonderful things, they were a miracle, the golden age, and all that.


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  • Each of these suffers a sequence of shocks that cumulate over your lifetime, so inequality gets worse and worse as people age.


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  • It refers to that period that Plato says in the letter looked like "a golden age, " when many things seemed possible."


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  • I, somehow if, I want to walk through some sequence of data structures, gathering up or doing the same thing, adding ages in until I get a total age and then divide by the number faculty.


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  • This is Frost in old age, as an American bard from a magazine.


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  • Would she have imagined that the world famous whatever remembered how many strings were on the lyre on the bench beside the girl on the label of the cigar box he'd stated at in the tool shed at age ten while she, age eleven.


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  • For example, the median age in Iraq is 19.5.


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  • This was the golden age of the consolidation of the literary profession.


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  • Somebody dies at age 10 by some horrible disease better if they'd made it up to 40 Somebody dies at age 40,better if they'd made it up to 80 Somebody dies at age 80,better if they'd made it to 100,120 Is it true that life would get better and better and better ? the longer it is?


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  • Yes, but in general, firing somebody simply because of age, is not only strange in America but illegal.


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