• It should further be noted that in the first creation account, in any kind of unequal relationship before God.


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  • Literary analysis that is sensitive to the larger contours of the account will reveal the artistic hand of the final editor.


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  • So you might ask well, why are we using this model if it clearly doesn't take into account quantum mechanics?


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  • he's well known for his account of phallic symbols, arguing certain architectural monuments are subconsciously developed as penile representations.


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  • I have a way to account for that, but it's going to take to the end of my argument to do that, so I'm going to argue that that's significant, but I'm not going to talk about why it's significant yet.


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  • So identity, national identity is very complex, and we talk about the war--this is, it's a sparkling account.


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  • What you have to do is have the courage to say I have got to account for the bad data, what I think are bad data and the data that helped me build my theory.


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  • What are the consequences for a theory of justice and in account of rights of calling into question the idea of self possession?


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  • Even in his own account books which he kept very carefully about how much money he spent.


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  • So, I might try to find a more even-handed account and put that up on the website.


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  • Hector Davis kept tremendous records, he kept account books, huge account books.


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  • But the biblical account as much as it borrows from that motif again Takes pains to distinguish and elevate the human.


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  • In the first account in Genesis 1, The creation of human is clearly the climactic divine act: after this God can rest.


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  • A long process of transmission, interweaving, literary embellishment has gone into the creation of this account in Exodus 14 and 15.


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  • If we take a broader view of the full biblical account of Israel's covenant with God, all six elements can be identified in the biblical narrative.


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  • The account of the conquest in Joshua 2 through 12, is concerned to express the basic idea that Israel's victories would not have been possible without Yahweh, without his wondrous help.


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  • Genesis is concerned to account for the origin of things and wrestles with the existence of evil, the existence of idolatry and suffering in a world that's created by a good god.


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  • One thing that most people do in fact agree on is that the oldest account of the event is a poetic fragment 12 that's found in Exodus 15, verses one to 12, in particular.


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  • And Moses admonishes the Israelites not to suppose that their inheritance of the land of Canaan is due to their own powers, or on account of any righteousness or virtue that they possess.


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  • The biblical creation account is non-mythological because there is no biography of God in here. God simply is.


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  • It contains a lot of narratives and its narrative materials are an account of the odyssey of a people,the nation of Israel.


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  • It also is driven very much by a secessionist account of Judaism as being something that was moribund at the time of Jesus.


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  • This leads then to the account of the birth of Moses, and his exposure to the Nile River.


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  • On 267, this is in one of these parenthetical passages where the narrator is commenting on what he's just given account of in his experience.


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  • They're not an account of the divine, which is what theology means,an account of the divine.


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  • Because in this account military skill is much less important than ritual preparation and purity.


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  • But once we got to the atomic size scale, what happens is we need to be taking into account the fact that matter has these wave-like properties, and we'll learn more about that later, but essentially classical mechanics does not take that into account at all.


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  • Because in your mind you're putting tickets and cash in different mental accounts, the mental account "Tickets" generates an emotional feeling and it changes my action-- that I lost in that account.


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  • There are two things: you can have a cash account with them you put money into the cash account and you haven't bought shares with it yet; it's just sitting--it's like in a bank.


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account of 在某人帐上重视, 记帐

account for 对…负有责任;对…做出解释;说明……的原因

your account 您的帐号

take into account 考虑;重视;体谅

on account 记帐,赊帐;分期付款

on account of 由于;因为;为了…的缘故

bank account 银行存款;银行往来帐户

be taken into account [俚]被考虑

current account 经常帐;活期存款帐户

account number 帐号

of account 重要的;有价值的

savings account 储蓄帐户

no account 没用的;无交易;未交帐户;无会计科目

account management 账户管理

capital account 资本性帐户;固定资产帐户

open an account 开立帐户

take account of 考虑到;顾及;体谅

deposit account 存款帐户;储蓄存款

new account 新帐户;新开帐户

checking account 活期存款;支票户头;活期存款户头

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