• Now,notice that does not necessarily mean it's canonical because scripture in some religions refers to a bunch of stuff.


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  • And they have like a giant Christmas tree and a menorah and a bunch of other things, so.


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  • And I was on a bunch of different... and also different communities... But one of them was really my athletics.


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  • So, you know, we've got a bunch of juicy topics to dive into this week involving pointers and memory.


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  • The section leaders,once they get to know you, they'll actually be looking to see whether ; the people in their section are missing a bunch of lectures; and I've asked them to take notes.


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  • The only thing I've done in this part of the program, now I'm going to go and read the code, is I've gotten the user to input a bunch of data.


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  • So again, if you do a calculation where you're close enough to the ideal gas and you need to design your, if you have an engineer designing something that's got a bunch of gases around, this is a useful thing to use.


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  • We don't want to have a bunch of short stories strung together.


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  • And then I... and then Friday night, I went out to San Francisco with a bunch of friends


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  • We'll then take a turn to talking about the periodic table, we'll look at a bunch of periodic trends, including ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity and atomic radius.


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  • Then a bunch of terrible things obviously begin to happen that shake the security of this society, and ultimately bring it down.


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  • So, in other words, what happens if we put a bunch of elements, compounds into a reactor but they are not in the balanced amounts?


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  • If you take a bunch of pennies and you spread them out, you don't get more pennies.


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  • If you go back to the origins of the computer industry, imagine a bunch of guys in lab coats sitting around a laboratory, and these are the smartest guys in the world, and they've invented things.


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  • When you bring a group of your friends back to your house, you're expecting to have a good time, : and your grandparent is there and says, "Oh, it's so good to see a bunch of young people.


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  • Mr. Carl Icahn: Okay, we look at a lot of the companies Obviously, I have a whole group of people here that do that and I have a bunch of lawyers that look at all the covenants in these companies and their bylaws and their charters.


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  • We have this thing called "the Street," where there are a bunch of, they're called, eating clubs.


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  • And then "Big Bang Theory", it's like, you know, a bunch of nerds and one hot girl.


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