• He says it's a good idea for people to save for their retirement during their earning years but it's wrong.


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  • if they can find a way to let the employee go at a certain age.


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  • It made me wonder if they were trying to tell that I should retire; it felt like a retirement party.


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  • And then, in 1934, it was Ernest Rutherford -by the mid-30s, J. J. Thompson had retired.


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  • It's a violation of people's liberty for the government to force everyone whether they want to or not to put aside some earnings today for the sake of their retirement.


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  • Be a billionaire by age twenty-seven and then retire and...


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  • What--So--And it was done by Elliot Aronson who has retired now, but for many years taught at the university of California CaSanta Cruz.


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  • I am so honored and pleased to welcome today to this table Janet Dickerson Vice-President of Campus Life: Janet Dickerson, who is much to many of our lament retiring this year.


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  • We have a guy who's retired now.


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  • The partners were dependent for their retirement on the prosperity of the firms they left behind and the customs and culture they left behind, and the places were much more responsible and honorable.


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  • There's at least some agreement that's going to be better for everybody than a strike, and yet, because they're conflicting interests there, basically in that case conflicting interest about health and pension payments, it could well be that you end failing to coordinate.


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  • I retired as a watch manager, three months ago.


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  • and make some more money, and retire.


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  • if I don't get a parking ticket.


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  • How about compulsory retirement age?


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  • Then the design was that, when you reached retirement age, you would then get funds from the government for the rest of your life--your retirement funds.


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  • That's because, well, when you buy your first house you might be twenty-five, so thirty years brings you to age fifty-five; that's close enough to retirement.


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  • If someone's saving for their retirement you better have a lot more than that; $100,000 is only a few years of income even for low-income people.


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  • It is at its worst after retirement ... when you are no longer-- you've exhausted your human capital and you're living off of all the accumulated physical capital.


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  • rich and was getting burned out, too.


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  • If people want to take the chance or if people want to live big today and live a poor retirement, that should be their choice.


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  • When you retire--you can actually get it now, electronically, your entire employment history, all your contributions-- when you retire, there will be a formula-- you can find it on the Social Security system website-- which resembles the formula that they did in 1889.


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  • The board likes him; the CEO eventually retires CEO and they make this guy the CEO -the fraternity president we're talking about --CEO-- Now he's now the head guy--the CEO--and he'll bring in a number two guy that's a little dumber than he is because he doesn't want to be threatened.


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