• If you did know how much time you had left, ? how would you act differently from what you're doing now?


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  • If they have one year when they lose everything, it doesn't matter how much they made in the other years.


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  • If you knew you had a year left or two years left, ? what would you do with that time?


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  • So this is now our third covenant that we have encountered; we will have one more coming.


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  • I won't read it since we're running a little short of time.


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  • So, one plus three is four, four sixths, which leaves two sixths, or one third.


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  • It's as though he's explaining, giving an answer to a question that somebody asked, "why didn't the Spartans do better in that battle?"


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  • So I claim if you look carefully there's a little box in here that's still alive.


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  • All right. Now just a final close, a cadence.


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  • As I'll explain later in class, in Florida there used to be many, many, many varieties of oranges and now there are about four and there are commercials reasons for this occurring.


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  • Many of you won't be here the next day, that's what happens with shopping period, and then the third day we see how many folks we have. We do have, for those people who want to take it, a travaux diriges en francais, we have a section that's French speaking.


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  • So that's two of our types of bonds in benzene, and we have one type left, that's going to actually be the double bond or the pi bond that So we can have one bond here between this carbon's p orbital and this carbon's p orbital.


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  • We could repeat this argument all the way down to 1.


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  • This part of the course had less technical apparatus than the first part of the course so it will concentrate on the middle third of the course up to this lecture.


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  • You ended up with nothing.


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  • That's because, at the end, if- -suppose you're one month or two months away from the payoff of the mortgage, you don't have any balance left, so the interest that you're paying is -hardly any balance left--is very low and so you're payment is paying off principal, mostly.


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  • - After all, if you knew-- suppose we had the birthmarks that told you -- when you were going to die-- if you had that kind of a birthmark, you would face your entire life with the burden of knowing, I've got 48 years left, 47 years left, 50 years left.


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  • And all these strategies for Player II are gone, and all these strategies for Player II are gone, and what's left? A lot of scribble is left.What's left?


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  • Suppose that there were some sort of genetic marker and, although we didn't have a tattoo that you would just have to look at, -- but you could have genetic counseling-- have your DNA examined and you could tell, if you had the DNA testing, how much time you had left.


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