• Sign languages vary from country to country,and many are not well known internationally.

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  • You can imagine that if a vector is viewed from an angle, then its components will vary with the perspective.


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  • You were the 22 WHCS in history, According to Wikipedia, and I hope they're right, WHCS's responsibilities vary greatly from administration to administration.


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  • Now,a new study shows that stock returns during the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan, vary significantly from those at other times of the year.

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  • But these are important issues and these vary a lot from culture to culture and a good theory of psychology has to explain how these differences arise.


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  • And so the amount of protein in a diet, from diet plan to diet plan, doesn't vary as much as the recommendations that these popular diets give you for fat and carbohydrate.


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  • Then on the other hand, at the other extreme, you have scholars who see the patriarchal stories as entirely fabricated retrojections of a much later age. And they vary significantly as to when they think these stories were written: anywhere from the period of the monarchy all the way down to the fourth century, some of them.


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