• "I expect him to address the German situation as he did the Irish and I'll bet you that you'll see some kind of language that will - using very papal rhetoric, acknowledge that the way the bishops were dealing with it in 1980 or thereabouts, when he was in that role, was we now know, not the best way."

    VOA: standard.2010.04.01

  • We noticed two things about the arguments we had, one had to do with the way we were arguing.


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  • We need to think that the actions in the story were in some way free and absolutely, perfectly undetermined.


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  • How did that change happened, was that always there, were you always looking at how did this thought affect the way we actually live our lives?


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  • And this is called photoelectron spectroscopy, and essentially what it is is very similar conceptually to what we were talking about way back in the first couple lectures when we were talking about the photoelectric effect.


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  • And so there was great concern that we were vulnerable in this way, because the disease is still a disease that could affect people.


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  • When we think about the way food is marketed, we have to ask ourselves how were these messages framed, who's being targeted, what the message is, and of course what the impact is.


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  • Suppose,for example,that if you really did believe, fundamentally,unconsciously,all the way down-- however we should put it--if you really did believe you were going to die, the horror of that would lead you to start screaming and just keep screaming.


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  • Because of the way that we deal with taxes and mutual funds, you can get a tax bill for gains that were realized by the investment manager turning over the portfolio even though you might not have held the shares during the period when the gains were realized.


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  • I'm using the term mythology now the way we used it in the last lecture when we were talking about Kaufman's work.


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  • It looks like we hit zero, but we actually don't remember that we never go all the way to zero, so there's these little points if we were to look really carefully at an accurate probability density plot, And then, for example, how many nodes do we have in the 3 s orbital?


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