• The switching happens so fast that the images appear continuous.

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  • Kinases can, in many cases, serve as a mechanism for switching a protein on or switching a protein off.


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  • There's no switching back and forth.


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  • In general,everyone in Germany is entitled to and covered by health insurance, whether unemployed or switching jobs or retired.

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  • But also, switching out the trans fat in another kind of fat doesn't change the calories at all.


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  • James has the option of remaining in his home state with the Cavaliers, or switching to another team.

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  • But when you start writing programs, especially when we get to web-based stuff where you want -- to check the user's input -- is it valid, is it an email address, -- and all these different scenarios -- it's actually often useful to be able to just enumerate them or rattle them off using this switching construct instead.


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  • Jacobs says both the old and the young are switching to diamonds this year.

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  • So, for instance, one example is there's no language in the world that ever constructs a question by switching the order of words around in a sentence.


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  • PROFESSOR BAWENDI: You're switching this way here?


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  • I'm switching between you and me.


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  • There are nine keys for my left thumb alone so I'm kind of switching between these on the back here and many others, and because of that I can go very high and I'll just demonstrate that.


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  • As you get older, your human capital evolves and it has its ups and downs as you age and you start switching from human capital to other forms of capital.


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  • And when you're switching n's, you're actually getting quite a bit farther away.


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  • STUDENT: I'm switching to .


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  • Some of this can be done if consumers make different choices in what they eat, but some can be silent changes too, so Frito-Lay taking the Trans fats out of their products and switching them with a healthier fat is a silent change that could have a positive impact on public health.


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  • So turns out C supports what's called a switch, a switching construct.


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switching power 开关电源;交换式电源;切换功率

switching power supply 开关电源;交换式电源供应

switching system 交换系统;开关系统

switching equipment 交换机;开关装备;调车设备

switching on n. 接入;打开电灯开关;合闸

switching off 断电;断开

switching time 开关时间,转换时间;翻转时间;调车时间

packet switching [通信]包交换技术

automatic switching 自动转换;自动开关

switching device 开关装置;交换设备;开关掐

switching in 接入;合闸

switching control 转换控制,开关控制

switching loss 开关损耗

switching function 开关函数

power switching [物]功率切换;[物]电源转换装置

switching over 切换

switching regulator 开关式;交换调整器;开关式稳压器

switching circuit [电]开关电路;[电]转换电路

switching mechanism 开关机构;开关装置;切换机构

circuit switching 线路交换,线路转接

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