• The United States had sent an astronaut of its own into space for the first time in nineteen sixty-one.

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  • It means that the properties of the system, the properties that describe the system, don't change in time or in space.


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  • and what the relevance is of all this space time physics and all this, and how...


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  • Astronauts worked for longer periods of time in the hostile environment of space.

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  • For the adult learner, the technology has the capability of freeing us in terms of time and space.


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  • At the time of Endeavour's launch, NASA says the International Space Station was traveling at a speed of about eight kilometers-per-second, above western Romania.

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  • Parole is the unfolding in time of a set of possibilities given in space, that set of possibilities being what Saussure calls "langue."


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  • The laser tracking system would work by giving space craft and satellites, which are able to be maneuvered, time to move out of the way of an incoming chunk of debris.

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  • In dynamic programming, one of the things that's going on is we're trading time for space.


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  • The point that I'd been emphasizing is well first point of course has been don't confuse the stages with the entire space-time worm.


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  • No one of us can get out of the space and time of life.


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  • So what we would like to do is to describe what the object does by drawing a graph of time versus space and the graph would be something like this.


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  • Napoleon,if you think of it,Napoleon's a person extended through space and time.


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  • So I would help myself to this language of space-time worm object that extends not only over space but also over time, and distinguish the entire worm from the various slices or stages that either make up the worm or we could slice the worm into.


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  • Or to put it in terms of stages, that person's got to be--that stage, that slice has to be part of the very same extended-through-time space-time worm as this stage is.


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