• The French chemist Nicolas Leblanc discovered how to make soda ash from salt in the late eighteenth century.

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  • That's very nice. So basically, you get a lot of benefit supposedly from this 7-Up soda from the 1920's or so.


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  • and you're sitting there with your cup of very cold soda in your hands,


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  • "Soupy's Soda Shop" was later followed by a variety show called "Club Nothing."

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  • So, here we have this soda with lithium citrate, some of you might be familiar with this, soda is called 7-Up.


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  • In Yemen,when you finish your soda, it is customary to toss the can onto the street.

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  • But anyway, this isn't really something you want to have in your soda, so they did take it out eventually.


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  • The toy is just part of a fun, family experience,he says, and Happy Meals offer more healthful choices than ever, including low-fat milk instead of soda and apple slices instead of French fries.

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  • Other nice things about lithium in your soda, it dispels hangovers, takes the ouch out of grouch.


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  • A Happy Meal that includes a cheeseburger,French fries, and a soda contains half a day's worth of calories and saturated fat, along with nearly a day's worth of sodium, and two day's worth of sugar.

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  • Lithium, slenderizing, that's great to see in a soda.


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caustic soda [化]苛性钠;氢氧化钠

soda ash 碳酸钠,苏打粉

baking soda [化]小苏打;碳酸氢钠;发酵粉

soda water 苏打水,汽水

soda solution 苏打溶液;碱液

soda pop 汽水

soda fountain 冷饮柜台,冷饮小卖部

club soda 苏打水(等于soda water)

diet soda 无糖汽水;无糖饮料

orange soda 橙汁汽水;桔子汽水

soda lye 碱液

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