• She says on Monday, Australia,Canada,Korea, New Zealand,Singapore, and the United States agreed to simplify customs procedures for preferential trading partners.

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  • We simplify it by saying this: that there are three fundamental textures: monophonic texture, homophonic texture, and polyphonic texture.


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  • And here we already see a hint that make is going to simplify all of that for us.


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  • She wants it to simplify the process to apply for public assistance and provide educational grants for students struggling to pay for tuition at high schools and colleges.

    VOA: standard.2010.02.25

  • And we can simplify this expression as saying negative e squared over 4 pi, epsilon nought r squared. Epsilon nought is a constant, it's something you might see in physics as well.


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  • OK, now we actually would like to simplify this or to write this in terms of not the volume change, v2/v1 but the pressure change. So, we have V2 over V1.


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  • Let's say it's one year just to simplify things.


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  • And just to simplify the discussion, put aside the question of law, let's assume that you as the jury are charged with deciding whether what they did was morally permissible or not.


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  • So we're going to simplify that, too.


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  • Now the bases, and you don't need to memorize the structures of these I'm going - I'm describing the whole molecule to you in its molecular detail and then we're going to simplify it down to a version that we can talk about more easily.


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  • So taking advantage of the fact that we know S1 is equal to S2 I can simplify things by making S1* equal to S2*.


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  • You can stack these things in C. So if you want to do if - and then rather -- let me tweak this just so simplify -- if you want to stack these things and do this in one case or that in the other, can you stack them like this?


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  • This strategy set--formally, Let's just simplify it here-- let's assume that for each Firm i they can set their price anything bigger than 0 and anything less than 1, just to keep life simple.


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  • So let's actually just simplify this to the other version of the Rydberg constant, since we can use that here.


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