• It is called Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment Two.

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  • Because positing them allows you explain things about the rotation of the star or the gravitational fluctuations, what have you.


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  • And the winery had a management rotation program.


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  • "Something had to be grown in rotation with corn." Scott Jackson, professor of plant genetics at Purdue University.

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  • So it's very important to be keeping in mind that any time you see a double bond, you have a pi bond there, so you're not going to see any rotation around the bond axis.


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  • He says the soil is worn out, partially due to poor crop rotation.

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  • Actually, the view of vectors we take nowadays is that vectors are associated with a pair of numbers which, on the rotation of axes, transform like this.


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  • The vote was seen as a major setback for Mr.Topolanek as it came just days before a planned visit by United States President Barack Obama and midway through the rotation of the Czech Republic's European Union presidency.

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  • The idea that he had was, if you go from me to you, with a clockwise rotation, you go from you to me by a counterclockwise rotation.


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  • When we have just a single bond in them molecule, you have all the free rotation you want, you can just spin it around, there's nothing keeping it in place.


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rotation speed 旋转速度,转速;自旋马达之回转数

rotation angle 旋转角;旋转角度;回转角度

rotation rate 自转速率

crop rotation 轮作

earth rotation 地球自转

rotation axis 旋转轴

direction of rotation 旋转方向

clockwise rotation 顺时针转

axis of rotation 旋转轴;转动轴

optical rotation 旋光度;旋光性;偏振转

rotation direction 转动方向

reverse rotation 反转

mental rotation 心理旋转

angle of rotation 转动角;自转角;旋光角

job rotation 工作轮换

faraday rotation [物]法拉第旋转;法拉第效应旋光性

phase rotation 相位旋转

specific rotation [化]旋光率;比旋度

free rotation 自由转动,自由旋转

angular rotation 角旋;角位移;角转动

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