• An extremely low body temperature can cause the heart to beat so slowly that a pulse may be difficult to find.

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  • When a brief pulse of electricity is sent to the read/write head it flips on a tiny electromagnet for a fraction of a second.


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  • So we have this pulse, and it's just kind of out there streaming, but we don't like undifferentiated, disorganized material in the West.


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  • My captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still, My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will.

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  • But it really comes down to that curiosity about what's happening right now everywhere and really being the pulse of what's happening right now everywhere and being able to point to every single medium.


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  • The devices are connected to a piece of equipment called a pulse generator.

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  • Bankers play golf a lot because business people like to play golf and you have to keep your finger on the pulse of the community.


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  • "The guitar,you know, pushes the whole thing. It's like a pulse,you know, they call it 'the pump'.

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  • Question: Doctor, before you perform autopsy ? did you check for a pulse?


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  • It really is the pulse of the music and it drives it forward,"

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  • It's not just something you feel on your pulse.


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  • You see a bleep going across the screen to indicate that they've got their finger on the pulse of what's happening, or you see it in TV shows like ER.


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  • Now let's talk for a moment about the idea of pulse in music and the beat in the music and rhythms in music.


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  • Remember we were talking about beat, which is the regular pulse, the pulse of life, the pulse of music, that comes at regular intervals.


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  • It's really just a pulse. It's very much like the human pulse.


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  • It's very languid in terms of the pulse here.


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  • We have the pulse being slowed down and almost like a law of physics or something, now comes a reaction- now John Kander makes the music accelerate so let's watch a wonderful example of accelerando here.


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  • We were talking about the subdivision of that pulse, the organizing of that pulse into meters, and that we had this capacity to indicate what the meter was by these numbers: two-four, and three-four for duple and triple meter.


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  • This is the pulse of music and music theorists ever since the late fifteenth century from music theory Francinus Gafurius on we could go all the way back then have said that the pulse in music is basically at the same tempo as the human pulse which comes out to be about oh, we'll say seventy-two beats if you will, pulses, per minute.


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pulse width 脉冲宽度;脉冲持续时间

pulse generator 脉冲发生器

pulse width modulation [计]脉冲调制;脉宽灯;脉冲间隔灯

pulse wave 脉搏波;脉波

pulse compression [计]脉冲压缩

electromagnetic pulse 电磁脉冲

pressure pulse 压力脉冲;气压脉动

pulse duration 脉冲持续时间

pulse frequency 脉冲频率;脉率;脉搏率;脉冲重复频率

optical pulse 光脉冲,光学脉冲

pulse energy 脉冲能量,脉波能

single pulse 单脉冲;单冲量

pulse pressure [生理]脉压

pulse rate [医]脉搏率;脉冲重复频率

pulse modulation 脉冲调制;脉冲灯

narrow pulse 窄脉冲

pulse transformer 脉冲变压器

electric pulse 电脉冲

pulse shape 脉冲波形;脉冲形式

electrical pulse n. 电脉冲

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