• She published another influential book, "Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies,"

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  • int So, primitive type besides those three types, we have ints which are just integers which are similarly 32 bits.


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  • In terms of primitive data, what we saw were two kinds: Right?


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  • I'm child of the Columbia Space Shuttle, and I need to know all the electronic gimmicks invented yesterday that are already primitive cousins to those developed today from eight to five P.M.in Japan.

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  • It was a little primitive establishment almost a commune in which Welles being a teenager, the grown-up will have a great time.


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  • He's sort of an innocent primitive, he appears unclothed he lives a free, peaceful life in harmony with the animals, with nature and the beasts, he races across the steppes with the gazelles.


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  • The poem nonetheless harbors this wonderfully primitive and irrational accusation.


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  • If I can just have it there before me, that is a very difficult and derivative intellectual act, and it cannot be understood as primordial or primitive.


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  • I am going to put up the most primitive version.


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  • What extent was the primitive form of Primitive form of what I'm not sure that that concept makes-- No, the answer is no, because nobody was compelled to do anything.


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  • I get the int and store it in n. The switch statement takes inside its parenthesis an int or a char or some primitive type.


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  • Honor to so many of us sounds quaint, like an honor code or the Boy Scouts' code or something like that or something primitive, some kind of primitive ethic which we therefore don't really understand.


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  • We saw, associated with that primitive data, we have ways of taking data in and creating new kinds of data out, or new versions of data out, so we have operations.


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  • The process to control it is intriguing and interesting but the heart of the computer is simply this notion that we build our descriptions, our recipes, on a sequence of primitive instructions.


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  • The message I'm trying to get to here, because I'm running you right up against time, is I have to be careful about what's a primitive step.


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  • The law of talion, which is essentially the principle that a person should be punished according to the injury they inflicted, it's been decried as a primitive, archaic reflex of the vengeance or vendetta principle.


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  • In a high-level language, square root might simply be a primitive that you can use rather than you having to go over and code it.


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  • He would gladly have sacrificed them in order to keep the much more virtuous and pure Lycidas -a gruesome proposal, but it's a gruesome proposal that suggests a primitive desire for a quid pro quo.


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  • Count the number of primitive operations in each step.


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  • Polytheism was understood as clearly inferior and primitive.


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  • It was pretty primitive at the time.


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  • And scholarship of the nineteenth century and most of the twentieth century is generally characterized by a deep-seated bias that views impurity rules as primitive and irrational taboos, and sacrifice as controlled savagery that's empty of any spiritual meaning.


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  • That might not be a primitive step.


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  • So we're to assume we can get to any piece of data, any instruction in constant time, and the second assumption we're going to make is that the basic primitive steps take constant time, same amount of time to compute. Again, not completely true, but it's a good model, so arithmetic operations, comparisons, things of that sort, we're all going to assume are basically in that in that particular model.


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  • So printf itself is primitive but useful debugging tool.


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  • Same way that I have multiplication or division as a primitive, functions are going to give me, or somebody else who wrote them for me as part of a library, a new primitive that I'm going to be able to use.


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  • And the last piece of this, is as said, I have to make sure I know what my primitive elements are, in terms of operations.


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  • Assuming I have a set of primitive instructions that I can describe everything on I want to know what can I build.


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  • Second thing we saw was, we saw that associated with every primitive value was a type.


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  • And that in essence says, I've just created the equivalent of a new primitive.


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primitive religion 原始宗教

primitive people 原始人;原始民族

primitive culture 原始文明

primitive type 原始类型;原语类型

primitive accumulation of capital 原始资本积累

primitive function 原函数;基元功能

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