• Another proposal is to require employers with more than twenty-five workers to offer insurance or pay a penalty.

    VOA: special.2009.07.25

  • And the question is how does poverty fit into that question of life issues, with the prolife, with the death penalty.


    普林斯顿公开课 - 人性课程节选

  • so it's... pretty near finals. So you can drop any classes you want up until the drop date with like no penalty.


    对于返校日 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • He decreed that anyone found guilty of using the word Frisco must pay a penalty of twenty-five dollars.

    VOA: special.2009.12.14

  • The Bible never imposes the death penalty for violations of property rights--personal property rights, private property rights.


    耶鲁公开课 - 旧约导论课程节选

  • "There's no penalty for the things that they've done.

    VOA: special.2009.08.08

  • So we're going to show how this technique is going to help us shoot penalty shots in soccer.


    耶鲁公开课 - 博弈论课程节选

  • Nkunda is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Congo and could face the death penalty if tried there.

    VOA: standard.2009.04.18

  • I think especially when you get to the UN with much of the UN's core bases, European..., the anti-death penalty, even beyond "women's issues".


    普林斯顿公开课 - 人性课程节选

  • including torture,public executions, collective punishment, and the imposition of the death penalty for political and religious reasons.

    VOA: standard.2009.11.20

  • So in order to try to eliminate that stigma they made it a penalty rate.


    耶鲁公开课 - 金融市场课程节选

  • During the penalty phase of the trial, many had asked for clemency, saying they were decorated combat veterans who had proven their loyalty to the country.

    VOA: standard.2009.12.23

  • I mean, obviously, you're not raising their chances here but it's not a death penalty.


    耶鲁公开课 - 公正课程节选

  • "I have to say I have probably changed my feelings about the death penalty.

    VOA: standard.2009.10.21

  • Where's the penalty? What did I trade off here?


    麻省理工公开课 - 计算机科学及编程导论课程节选

  • Having reached the penalty shootout after a hectic extra period, the Ghanaians again looked lost when they missed their third and fourth attempts from the spot.

    VOA: standard.2009.10.17

  • Not only is expulsion from the ranks of the guardians penalty for cowardice, but Socrates suggests there should be, listen to this, " "erotic rewards for those who excel in bravery."


    耶鲁公开课 - 政治哲学导论课程节选

  • Club America is in second place after a 2-1 win over AC Milan on Wednesday in Atlanta and a penalty shootout win over Inter Milan last Monday in California.

    VOA: standard.2009.07.25

  • That seems to me to be some horrible penalty you've imposed on me, that you've reduced me from being a human being, able to engage in the full range of reflection, and simply turned me into something like a rat.


    耶鲁公开课 - 死亡课程节选

  • "What I do want to see happen is that they get legalized, even if they have to pay back taxes and that they also have to pay penalty fees."

    VOA: standard.2010.04.12

  • Offenders are subject to stoning and the divine penalty of chirate, of cutting off. The Bible repeatedly warns that idols and their cultic appurtenances must be completely destroyed from the Holy Land, right?


    耶鲁公开课 - 旧约导论课程节选

  • Maybe we secure the border. Maybe we increase the penalty.

    VOA: standard.2010.08.11

  • Now, it turns out that about a third of the game between my team Portsmouth and Kaj's team Liverpool, this weekend there was a penalty.


    耶鲁公开课 - 博弈论课程节选

  • Ghana's Under-20 national team wrapped up a fantastic three-week performance by edging Brazil on penalty kicks,4-3, to win their first title in their third appearance in the final of the FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

    VOA: standard.2009.10.17

  • So this weekend a penalty was missed exactly by somebody ignoring this rule.


    耶鲁公开课 - 博弈论课程节选

  • "For those who wish to become citizens, we should require them to pay a penalty and pay taxes, learn English, go to the back of the line behind those who played by the rules.

    VOA: standard.2009.06.19

  • What do we do with the death penalty?


    普林斯顿公开课 - 人性课程节选

  • After these latest sentences were handed down, UDJ spokesman Siye Abraha questioned the death penalty in what he called a 'political case.' "The overall problem in the country is political and the solution is basically political.

    VOA: standard.2009.12.23

  • In England's case, England goes out of every single World Cup and every single European competition because it loses on penalty kicks, usually to Germany, it has to be said.


    耶鲁公开课 - 博弈论课程节选

  • You are reading these things and this kind of dark mood sets over you and again, whether you are for or against the death penalty, that is not my point it is that sifting through enough of that sort of puts that mood on you,".

    VOA: standard.2009.10.21


death penalty 死刑

penalty function 罚函数;[数]补偿函数

penalty for 罚金;对…的处罚

administrative penalty 行政处罚

penalty area 罚球区,禁区

penalty kick 罚点球,罚球

penalty spot 罚球点

pay the penalty 得报应,受惩罚

penalty factor 惩罚因子

penalty shootout 点球大战

penalty cost 亏损;违约成本

penalty shot [篮]罚球;[冰]罚任意球

penalty goal 罚球得分;罚进的球

penalty box (冰球、曲棍球)被罚下场的队员座席

- 来自原声例句

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