• [Bob,an American tourist who did not expect to see anything like this in London. "But,we're glad that we did.

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  • Now this means, among other things, that Brooks is not anything like what we may spontaneously caricature perhaps as a traditional psychoanalytic critic.


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  • And it just, it's not like a team sport or anything, so you just do it, whatever.


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  • "It angers me more than anything. We are not able to participate, we are not able to do anything to help the mission or anything like that."

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  • I won't think anything. And you try to imagine what it's like to not think or feel or hear or see.


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  • I could just have a good time playing a whole bunch of day parties, play some stuff at night that was free,see my friends, and not feel like I was missing something, or that I had to do anything.

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  • The similes work not to sew everything up but make it impossible for us to maintain anything like the official position on a moral distinction between heavenly good and satanic evil.


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  • So it is not anything like, even as one reads it in retrospect, a wholesale repudiation or even really a very devastating critique of Levi-Strauss.


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  • Like, you can't take the government's services and then not give them anything in return.


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  • So anything you've, you know, read, anything you've... as long as it's, like, not the Internet,


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  • And this is where it feels like we're not really doing anything except talking about sorting.


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  • It's not like anything you've confronted so far in the New Testament.


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  • The answer is, "It's not like anything," where that doesn't mean there's something that it's like to be a cell phone, but different from being anything else.


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  • So it's not like anything else; it's a special way of feeling or experiencing.


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  • - And that's because hello.c is something I just wrote -- it's not something I downloaded or bought and installed via double-clicking or anything like that -- because I wrote it, compiled it in my current directory, I have to be ever-so emphatic to the computer that it's actually right here.


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