• Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;

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  • Man is potent and important, yet he is fallible and mortal, capable of the greatest achievements and the worst crimes.


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  • Maybe at the conscious level he believed he was mortal, but at the unconscious level he believed he was immortal.


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  • She knows that to stay with Edward means she must give up her mortal life and become a vampire too.

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  • The focus of the Nativity Ode isn't even really on the Incarnation that's the theological doctrine of divinity's descent into humanity, how God becomes a mortal.


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  • They welcome their son's mortal girlfriend, but Edward realizes every minute together puts her life in danger.

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  • It's a profound sense of jeopardy-- physical, mortal jeopardy and I want to point to those "huge, wobbly, white bags, like the full udders of cows."


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  • He, in fact, sings and sings louder for it in this late poetry; sings louder, as he puts it, "for every tatter in its mortal dress."


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  • I think those together really know your own limitations as a fallible mortal and then exercise moderation because you are not divine, you are mortal.


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  • Hobbes refers to the sovereign as a mortal god, as his answer to the problems of the state of nature, the state, the condition of life being solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.


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  • He only had one argument not to kill himself: "To sleep, perchance to dream, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil might give us pause."


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  • Utnapishtim And finally exhausted and battered he reaches Utnapishtim, also there on the board, Utnapishtim, who is the only mortal ever to have been granted immortality by the gods, and he comes to him and asks for his secret.


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  • Tolstoy draws a highly realistic and believable portrait of somebody who is surprised to discover that he's mortal.


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  • Ivan Ilyich The astonishing thing is that Ivan Ilyich is shocked to discover that he's mortal.


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  • Maybe he gives lip service to the claim that he was mortal.


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  • If you would have asked him "Are you mortal?"


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  • Socrates is a man, so Socrates is mortal.


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  • Well,maybe the explanation is, although we give lip service to the claim that we're mortal, at some more fundamental level,we don't truly believe it.


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  • But does he thoroughly and truly and fundamentally believe he's mortal?


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  • He is, in fact says Pico, more than mortal.


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  • But we're not asking, is it rational or irrational to not believe that your body's going to die, we're simply asking, noting the fact that, there to seem to be cases where people are surprised to discover that they're mortal.


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  • He's also a mortal who ages.


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  • We might say,on one level he believes that he was mortal.


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  • This is what takes him aback, to discover that he's mortal.


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  • All men are mortal.


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  • There's a short story by the science fiction writer Orson Scott Card, where the basic point of the story is that of all the life forms in the universe, we, here on Earth, are the only ones that are mortal.


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