• Its medieval Old Town has been recognized by UNESCO as unique in East Africa.

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  • We're not going to be studying it necessarily for how important it was for Medieval and Early Modern Literature, for example.


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  • And then I did a master's degree, also at the University of Toronto in Medieval studies,


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  • But there have also been times of harmony in history. likein medieval Spain.

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  • With the demise of Rome, in the early Christian centuries, these philosophical academies, these philosophical schools, were absorbed into the medieval monasteries.


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  • "When I found a medieval abbey in France that said they had been baking for 1300 years, but had lost the last monk who knew how to bake bread, I volunteered to come over and bake some bread for them.

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  • Now, we have a process in late Medieval Europe of the consolidation of territorial monarchies.


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  • So, it's rather like a medieval siege, from that point of view.


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  • And that explains the succession of rulers that have held the region: the Egyptians, the Amorites, the Israelites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Greek Ptolemies, the Seleucids, the Romans, and the list continues as we go on into the medieval and the modern periods.


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  • Ever been to a medieval cathedral?


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  • They've got everything from like Roman things to Egyptian things, to Medieval English things.


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  • They were the antecedents of the Serfs, which we will see later on in medieval history in europe.


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  • and how it's developed from the medieval times, through the Roman times,


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  • Now, out of all of this, again to repeat, we are not making the argument that the Thirty Years' War itself led to absolute rule, that the growth of state structures can be seen in the beginning and the late medieval period with the consolidation of these territorial monarchies.


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  • So medieval commentators for example began to speak a little bit more openly about some of these features.


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  • Honor, in most societies, is thought to be not merely a personal quality, something like medieval chivalry but is above all group honor, the honor that surrounds the family, the extended clan, or the religious sect.


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  • Unlike the ancient near eastern cities, these towns do not grow up around a temple or a marketplace, confluence of rivers as they do in medieval Europe.


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  • For the great Jewish medieval philosopher, Moses Maimonides Aristotle was called by him " "the Master of those who know."


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