• (...) Yigal Palmor. "This diktat is phrased in very extreme terms that try to impose rules that will make it impossible for any country to defend themselves against terror,"

    VOA: standard.2009.10.16

  • So also, along those lines in terms of test taking, make sure you also box your answers and that you keep track of significant figures and that you also remember to include your units.


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  • So, for starters we'll keep that as our zero energy, we're going to change it soon to make something that makes more sense in terms of bonding, but we'll keep that as zero for now.


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  • "Even when we know the result of the election, we may not know what the result is in terms of government -- who will successfully make a deal with who to form what sort of government."

    VOA: standard.2010.05.05

  • And the last piece of this, is as said, I have to make sure I know what my primitive elements are, in terms of operations.


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  • "And the way that we make up the difference for what those uninsured patients cost in terms of the cost of their care, is that we have to utilize the excess of revenues over expenses or the profits we generate from patients who have insurance."

    VOA: standard.2010.02.25

  • That's a crucial mistake that we make when we first try to come to terms with what Freud means by "the death wish."


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  • I don't mean make it always in terms of an IPO but have a long term life.


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  • I want to make one more remark about what I'll be doing in terms of this class.


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  • It's just like you could say some of the principles of mechanics are very obvious, but to make an engine that operates in terms of those principles is not obvious.


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  • Another category of difference would be religious believers versus non-believers, non-members of the community. In some religious traditions, ideas of caste and social location make certain people very different in terms of the understanding of human equality.


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  • Not only in terms of the economic decisions that they can be make, but also in terms of people are able to throw their ways around in way the constitutions never authorize them to do.


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  • in the context of a web page. And increasingly that is where the human computer interaction is, and so will you be empowered by terms and not to just to make a website per se but to make an application, something that's of interest to you, something that solves problems, something that lets you tell someone through the most electronic means possible that you saw them somewhere on campus.


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  • So if we want to put that in chemical terms, we want to make sure we put these in brackets here, and remember, this is the resonance arrow, it's not a reaction arrow, it's a resonance arrow, so make sure you mark it up correctly like that.


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  • So it looks like not too many more than half of you got this correct, so make sure you can look at your periodic table and figure out how to think about ionization energy in terms of z effective, not just in terms of memorizing what that trend is.


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  • All right. So let's look at some of these wave functions and make sure that we know how to name all of them in terms of orbitals and not just in terms of their numbers.


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  • So it can often make a lot more sense if we think about things in terms of energy.


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  • Does it make any difference at all in terms of whether we can eject an electron?


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  • So 90% of your portfolio is in domestic marketable securities and only 10% is invested in things like real estate or venture capital or private equity -hardly enough to make a difference in terms of the portfolios returns.


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  • Now, in stating this view this way, I'm obviously presupposing that we can make these kinds of, at least, overall judgments in terms of the quality of your life, how well off you are.


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  • And in terms of using these equations in solving problems on the exam, and also using these constants, make sure if you think there might be any chance you're going to get any little part of a problem wrong or do a calculation inaccurately, you need to write out every single step of your thinking as you write out these problems.


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  • But you need to be able to predict what kind of properties a certain atom's going to have within a molecule, whether you're talking about something, for example, that's very electronegative, or something that is not electronegative at all, it is going to make a difference in terms of thinking about how molecules are structured and also how they interact with other molecules.


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