• "The key point here is, can we have reconciliation without accountability,"

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  • But you're absolutely right, that's the key point and that then answers, Marcus, what's the texture.


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  • Now here is the key point: Painful emotions are as much as part of human nature as the law of gravity is part of physical nature.


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  • Insurance companies would no longer be allowed to deny health coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions a key point of weakness in and public anger with the current system.

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  • That is, you've got a very key point; there was very little military training.


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  • Another key sticking point in the debate was over Britain's relationship with Europe.

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  • What better suggestion is there for what we could point to as the metaphysical glue, ? the key to personal identity?


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  • Now this is the point at which we need to say something about a number of key terms that Derrida uses to sustain this sort of criticism of traditional ideas of language.


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  • We've got some chords set out and we're going to-- we've got some chords set out here and we're in the key of C at this point, and we're going to hear Beethoven go to a tonic chord, then a sub-dominant chord, then a tonic chord, then a dominant chord and so on.


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