• "The very practice of dangling a toy or other premium to get kids to pester their parents to go into the restaurant and buy food,junky or nutritious, is unethical and,we believe,illegal."

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  • Now for thinking about the application or that putting the content into practice, we put a great deal of emphasis on that.


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  • and it's something that you can really put into practice in many situations.


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  • Oftentimes, inventions that seem, in the abstract, to be good ideas may be impossible because something that you have to do to make it actually come into practice is too expensive and so it's not economic to produce the invention.


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  • wish you have a very successful semester as you dig into the science of positive psychology and put it into practice in your own lives, and think about how to take positive psychology from the classroom to the world.


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  • when the project was presented not only the sponsors but also the business heads that would be the top two layers of the organization listen to the project, evaluate them, and then feedback whether or not they would be taking them forward and putting them into practice.


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  • Wouldn't natural selection favor the people who take introductory psychology, come to my Valentine's Day lecture, listen carefully to the big three and the more interesting four, ? and then go out there and put them into practice?


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  • And early Christianity was an attempt to pull all these things into one unified movement, in some way, to get some kind of uniformity of belief and practice.


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  • I agree, meditation is not something that you just do for an hour a day or a month or however much time you do it, it's supposed to be a practice you implement into your daily life.


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  • And by the exercise of entire sovereignty in protecting the public teaching of it, convert this truth of speculation " into the utility of practice."


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  • and you sort of just decide if you want to go into litigation, which is the trial and court practice


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  • This was an early example of recombinant DNA technology being translated into a clinical product and that's the vaccine that's widely used in practice now.


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  • We want to make sure that if the students would not to be given the time out to learn, we need to provide a vehicle or that they can take the advantage of learning in their world context to actually put the theory into practice.


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  • The idea of dividing a company up into shares and selling them off, but in practice it involves a lot of complexities.


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