• But much more time is spent on the nuts and bolts generally called logistics of how to transport and supply an army.

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  • And so, in the real world frankly, these kinds of questions, how much time is this gonna take is certainly germane.


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  • Yeah! How much time do you have! No. I mean my,


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  • We know that charge is equal to the integral of current times the time. And he knows the current, he knows how much time and then he weighs this.


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  • If you did know how much time you had left, ? how would you act differently from what you're doing now?


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  • And so you care-- you care about ultimately how much time is my algorithm gonna take to perform on that worst case running time.


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  • All right? If you run it, you have a sense of the upper bound, about how much time it's going to take to do this computation, so you're not going to get surprised by something showing up.


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  • How much time do you need to evaluate somebody on the five dimensions of personality?


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  • All right, how much time do we have?


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  • How much time do you spend on studying?


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  • How much time do you spend studying?


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  • Mr. Carl Icahn: Well, it's hard to recommend how to invest at this time without knowing how much capital you have.


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  • Again, it shows how much things have changed during that period of time.


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  • We take in a lot of food and water everyday, every year, and yet most of us our weight stays remarkably stable over that period of time for adults despite how much we eat and how much we drink.


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  • This time, however, instead of setting quantities, instead of just deciding how much Coke and Pepsi to produce and spewing it out in the market and letting prices take care of themselves, this time the firms are going to set prices and let quantities take care of themselves.


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  • Would you want to know exactly how much time you've got left?


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  • How much time does that take?


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  • What I want to think about though, is, how much time does this take?


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  • One of the inputs to the problems we're gonna be working on this semester and if you continue on in this world how much thought it takes to implement something, how much time it takes to run something, how much space it takes to run something?


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  • And again, to move back and ask ourselves a larger question, would knowing how much time you have be something that would allow you to actually embrace those choices, ? or would it instead just be a burden?


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  • - On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves-- and this the question that I left us with last time- whether it would really, all things considered, be better to know how much time you had.


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  • They are computationally challenged, meaning, at the time they were invented, they were perfectly good sorting algorithms, there are better ones, we're going to see a much better one next time around, but this is a good way to just start thinking about how to do the algorithm, or how to do the sort.


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  • And from that perspective it looks as though it would be better to know how much time you've got left.


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  • That's the kind of question we have to face when we think about the fact that we don't know how much time we've got.


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  • Suppose that there were some sort of genetic marker and, although we didn't have a tattoo that you would just have to look at, -- but you could have genetic counseling-- have your DNA examined and you could tell, if you had the DNA testing, how much time you had left.


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  • Not only is it inevitable that you're going to die; not only do some people live longer than others, you don't know how much more time you've got.


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  • Because you don't know how much more time you've got-- You can make a guess based on statistics, but as we saw, there's wild unpredictability.


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  • And we turned to a discussion of the unpredictability of death, -- the fact that because we don't know-- we can't predict--how much more time we've got, we may, as it were, pace ourselves incorrectly.


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