• A young boy named Max runs away from his mother and sails to an island full of frightening-looking creatures.

    VOA: special.2010.01.01

  • We laugh when there is incongruity between what we expect and what we actually--what actually happens unless the outcome is frightening."


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • The frightening experience that Yeats evokes here is the imposition of the divine on the human.


    耶鲁公开课 - 现代诗歌课程节选

  • One of the most famous, and in some ways the most frightening, is the nineteen twenty-two film "Nosferatu."

    VOA: special.2010.01.20

  • And Milton's power for so many of these contemporaries was seen as palpably destructive and truly frightening.


    耶鲁公开课 - 弥尔顿课程节选

  • The thought of having to live alone in a house like that was so frightening it was enough to curl your hair.

    VOA: special.2009.05.03

  • The second thing is never ask any questions, because presumably it is very frightening to ask, "Any questions?" and people find it's intimidating.


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • Other areas of rock look as if some huge creature violently broke and twisted the Earth to create unusual, sometimes frightening shapes.

    VOA: special.2011.08.03

  • But smallpox was, at one time, one of the most frightening diseases on the planet.


    耶鲁公开课 - 生物医学工程探索课程节选

  • So an astronaut on the flight of Gemini Four, Ed White,took that first frightening step into the unknown.

    VOA: special.2009.07.01

  • Now there's something frightening about the health model.


    哈佛公开课 - 幸福课课程节选

  • Or the person might have had a very frightening experience, like being chased by an angry dog.

    VOA: special.2010.06.20

  • Now, of course, there are denominator issues here because we started with a much higher base rate than these other countries, but if you think about the size of the populations there, the number of people who are going to become diabetic in the next twenty-five years is really very frightening.


    耶鲁公开课 - 关于食物的心理学、生物学和政治学课程节选

  • Park organizers turned the building into a frightening place where families could enjoy both tricks and treats.

    VOA: special.2009.10.30

  • I mean, Avogadro -- I'm fond of his number, and he is, in fact, an interesting, if not frightening looking man this just didn't connect with me.


    麻省理工公开课 - 化学原理课程节选

  • He said this part of the mind contains wishes, desires and experiences too frightening to recognize.

    VOA: special.2010.04.13

  • It seems that Lawes himself actually played the role of the attendant spirit, that beneficent, slightly frightening figure who hovers over the entire landscape of the mask.


    耶鲁公开课 - 弥尔顿课程节选

  • People with the condition often suffer continual frightening thoughts, feelings of anger and unease.

    VOA: special.2009.12.11

  • It's possible that he's hiding his talent or burying his conceived merits deep within the earth, and it's this frightening possibility that Milton forces himself to engage head on - the implications of this parable.


    耶鲁公开课 - 弥尔顿课程节选

  • Volcanoes and earthquakes are among the most frightening events that nature can produce.

    VOA: special.2010.01.12

  • So, why should a non-frightening incongruity cause people to make a distinctive loud noise consisted of staccato segments of one fifteenth of a second each separated by a fifth of a second?


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • Another Facebook user in Japan, Mitsutoshi Sato,wrote: It was a frightening experience.

    VOA: special.2011.03.12

  • And you're just unconscious of how this happens but it's unpleasant and kind of frightening that this could happen, that this could apply to things like why you're now studying at Yale, why you feel the way you do towards your friends, towards your family.


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • Others find it frightening. But many people believe that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the "Last Judgment" are the most famous works of art ever created.

    VOA: special.2010.02.03

  • Some critics thought the book was too frightening for some children.

    VOA: special.2009.10.05

  • and fear for the family of a very frightening little girl.

    VOA: special.2009.06.12

  • He published many of his most frightening stories during this time.

    VOA: special.2009.02.02

  • The green-eyed monster is not a frightening creature from outer space.

    VOA: special.2010.05.23

  • His monster creatures are more loveable than they are frightening.

    VOA: special.2009.10.05

  • Both deal with winning by tricking or frightening someone.

    VOA: special.2009.02.15

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