• "I've always loved working with the robots. And when I first started it was a challenge working with the robots, understanding how they worked and figuring them out.

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  • So now that we have enough practice drawing Lewis structures let's talk about actually figuring out this formal charge.


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  • figuring out how you learn and what the best methods to, to, to study are and


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  • "Rather than try to bring a lot of infrastructure to them and expect them to learn how to use the Internet, the idea was to make a technology that even Grandma could use, figuring that Grandma could probably walk up to a box and push a button."

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  • Now, the purpose of this exercise is to give you a little bit of practice in figuring out what these quantities are.


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  • But because every farmer's field is different, figuring out exactly how much to use is complicated.

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  • spent a lot of time and effort kind of figuring out what is it that people will want to buy next week.


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  • Now that the decision has been made to move forward with what the review called an "integral" part of U.S.defenses, the second ranking U.S.military officer, General James Cartwright, says the American military commands will spend some time figuring out how to use the various aspects of the system in their regions.

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  • It looks like we're still figuring out - this room was just renovated, we're still working out exactly how the electronics work. So normally we'll see a percentage of how many of you got it, but I'm going to say it was probably about 95% got the answer right.


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  • So I'm going to show you a little trick for figuring that out.


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  • So, when I threw that thing up and you caught it, what you are doing mentally was immediately figuring out where it started and at what speed.


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  • Externality When I'm figuring out how much effort to contribute to this firm I don't take into account that other half of profits that goes to you.


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  • And then, of course, she gets a major clue for figuring out what the whole story is behind the Tristero and the post horn.


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  • So it's not just knowing what genes or figuring out ways to look at gene expression, it's figuring out how this expression of key genes affects the fate of the individual.


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  • But if, over the course of the semester, you get better, then we will give, at the end of the semester, when we're figuring out your semester grade, we'll give the later, stronger papers more than their official weight.


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  • It's a secret number so that if Julius Caesar scrambled his message with the key 13, well, then the recipient had better know what that number is or realistically, -- and this is why it's kind of hard to buy -- into some of these age old algorithms, -- what would an alternative approach be to figuring out Julius Caesar's messages to his generals if he didn't know that secret number was 13?


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  • Important definitions, even though they may sound really kind of dumb, but they are really important, because when you get the problem, figuring out whether you have an open, closed, or isolated system whatare the surroundings?What's the boundary?


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  • So, if you can't immediately know, and you don't all have periodic tables in front of you, so that's fine, but if you have a periodic table in front of you, you need to be able to count valence electrons, so work on that if it doesn't come naturally to you in terms of figuring that out.


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  • Why is it that when we see these law partners, or medical partners, or whatever it happens to be, or students together on a homework assignment, why is it we tend to get inefficiently little effort when we start figuring out the strategy and working through the game?


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  • We don't always want to go and solve the Schrodinger equation, and in fact, once we start talking about molecules, I can imagine none of you, as much as you love math or physics, want to be trying to solve this Schrodinger equation in that case either. So, what Lewis structures allow us to do is over 90% of the time be correct in terms of figuring out what the electron configuration is.


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  • But in this game, playing best response to each other, figuring out that in fact the other guy is going to cheat on me, or the other guy is anticipating that I'm going to cheat on him, or the other guy is going to anticipate that I'm going to anticipate that he's going to cheat on ,me, etc., etc., will eventually drag us back to the Cournot quantity.


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  • All the groups that stand to win or lose from it are all figuring out what it does to them and they're taking the positions out of self-interest So, I wanted to write something that was more perspicacious if I could manage that.


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  • The idea is. It embodies the idea of putting yourself in someone else's shoes and trying to figure out what they're going to do, and then think about them putting themselves in your shoes, figuring out what you're going to do, and so on and so forth.


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  • So the thing that I hope jumps out at you from this picture is no great guesses about figuring out this is a ?, so if the probability that the goalie's going to jump to the right is less than a ?, then the best you can do is represented by this green line, which is shoot to the right.


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  • figuring out there is no such thing as a free lunch but Markowitz tells us that diversification is a free lunch.


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  • So, either of those ways of figuring this out is the first guess of what goes in the middle will work pretty well.


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  • So, whichever works best for you can do in terms of figuring out electron configurations.


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  • it's clipping coupons and he describes his job as figuring out what the coupon is in an equity and if it's high enough he likes it.


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  • As far as I know, he doesn't publish he's not in the newspapers, but he's gotten the ear of the Treasury Secretary They spent many weekends together figuring out what should be done about the system and they wrote up a proposal.


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