• Still,not everyone is sold on the new device. Industry analyst James McQuivey "Now,is the iPad itself a really great and elegant and beautiful device?

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  • What Davisson and Germer did was constructed an elegant experiment.


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  • What does this mean? Linearity of solutions, the elegant way of saying it is superposition holds.


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  • His family home is an elegant two-story manor house on spacious grounds.

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  • And this starts to make our code more readable, more elegant, just a little more compact.


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  • One point that he tried to--he escaped actually, with the help of some friends, and they found him dining in an elegant Swiss restaurant.


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  • Now turning to your sheet, in the early, early modern period the poet and courtier, Sir Philip Sidney, wrote an elegant, really wonderfully written defense of poetry, in one edition called The Apology for Poesie.


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  • My daughter was sitting next to me and all the elegant women and other dress up women I guess they were shuddering and they are getting move away from me.


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  • And I want to stop at this point to go back to the issue -I promised you I would turn a bit to sign language and I want to describe now a very elegant --I want to show a little film now of a very elegant series of experiments looking at the question of whether babies who are exposed to a sign language, babble.


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