• "There is increased evidence that it helps shorten the duration of the common cold sometimes even by two to three days."

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  • The rise time and the peak energy and the sustained duration of some of these sounds are highly detrimental to our hearing.


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  • specifically for the duration of the project whether it be a TV series or a one-off project,


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  • "I want to thank you and also ask you to show this warmness for the whole duration of the tournament until they leave South Africa."

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  • For Bentham, all that matters, you'll remember, are the intensity and the duration of a pleasure or pain.


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  • "I am particularly concerned by the long duration of unemployment faced by a great number of workers, and the disruptive impact that this long-term unemployment has had, and will have on these workers and their families.

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  • In fact, there is a pillar there of high purity zinc that stood for the duration.


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  • Okay. Way number one: That has to do with duration.


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  • And so we might need to work out various, more complicated, formulas here, where we multiply the pain times its duration and take into account its intensity, get the sheer quantity of pain that way.


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  • What the whole note is, what all these symbols are are simply representations of duration so we have a symbolic language here that's going to represent the horizontal axis the axis of duration.


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  • So so far we've had duration and accent.


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  • Today we're going to move away from the first dimension of music that we've been looking at, which is duration, or time, and begin to work with the second, which is pitch, and melody.


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  • We talk in terms of high pitch and low pitch although we'll fine tune that next time, and then we have this idea of duration or time, which we tend to write out in symbols that move from your left to right.


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  • Let's go on to talk about the other axis of music and that is rhythm or duration.


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  • Time. Okay, pitch and time and pitch and duration, excellent, so those are the two dimensions of music and well, indeed we could even call them the axes of music because we tend to think of pitch on a vertical axis.


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  • Well,if you go back to the formation of musical notation from the ninth through the twelfth centuries we see that very early on these two dimensions of music the two axes of music that we talked about before pitch vertically and duration horizontally, are in place and we have these spots in this grid.


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for the duration 在整个非常时期内

short duration 短期间,短历时

long duration 长持续时间

pulse duration 脉冲持续时间

sunshine duration 日照时间;日照延时

activity duration 工字续时间;活动持续时间

exposure duration 曝露时间;曝光时间;暴露时间

test duration 测试时间;试验持续期;试验时间

duration of work 工作期间,工作延续时间;工字续时间

rainfall duration 降雨持续时间,降雨历时

duration of time 持续时间

period of duration 生育期

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