• She also discusses a German restaurant in New York that served a meat dish known as "Hamburger steak."

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  • To fill this culture dish with inner ear cells you would need the equivalent of 40 experimental animals.


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  • What's the... dish that we eat, that you love? Hummus!


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  • In the American South,for example, people might prepare a dish known as "Hoppin' John."

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  • Another comparison for a meaningful drug screening essay, I would assume you would need 1 million cells that you could grow easily in a standard cell culture dish.


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  • This can happen with a really popular dish, or a special of the day.

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  • Remember when I showed you that picture of cells attached to plastic a few minutes ago; I said those were fibroblasts that were growing on a culture dish.


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  • But many Americans eat this tasty dish at home.

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  • Generally, there are a couple of elements that one might set down as in a Petri dish, and wait to see if some chemical reaction might take place, but not at all sure of what it might be.


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  • Some French Muslim women wear headscarves. The traditional North African dish, couscous, is a favorite here.

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  • I mean sometimes if you have things that are a mixture of foods, like you go out for Chinese food or you have a casserole somewhere, or you have some dish of vegetables mixed together, how do you make sense of that when it comes to entering these things into a record.


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do the dishes 洗餐具;洗碗碟

chafing dish 火锅;保暖锅

main dish 主菜;主碟

dish out 给予,分发

dish up 起锅,分盛;把食物装盘,盛在盘中端上

cold dish 凉菜;冷菜;冷盘

side dish 配菜;小菜;加菜

petri dish 有盖培养皿

dish it out 严厉惩罚;拼命责骂;大打出手;出钱

dish washer 洗碟机;洗碗人员

chaffy dish n. 火锅

meat dish 肉盘

culture dish 培养皿

fruit dish 水果盘

pie dish 蛋糕盘;馅饼碟

satellite dish n. 圆盘式卫星电视天线;天线接受器

porcelain dish 瓷皿,瓷蒸发皿

- 来自原声例句

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