• "I am hoping he will pick someone with great dimension," "We all know he is going to pick a more liberal justice."

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  • Well, his poems themselves have an occult dimension of evoking this "great mind" and the spirits contained therein through symbols.


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  • If you give a sign, on top of the number, that takes care of all ambiguity in one dimension.


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  • "So,if we want to reduce poverty and create wealth, we have to put the priority on that dimension so that we create generating income activities,".

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  • Well, if I go through that, the wavelength of such a photon is going to be so big that I am back to measuring the dimension of the human hair with the yardstick.


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  • The Thai Futures Exchange introduced its first gold futures contract early this year, adding a new dimension for investors looking to reduce the risks of volatile commodity prices.

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  • And the dimension that we are gonna to focus on is the dimension of building a learning community.


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  • It could be that there's a dimension about the environment and a dimension about foreign policy, and maybe another dimension about redistributive politics.


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  • Second dimension is, whether this is a general versus a targeted language.


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  • On any dimension that psychologists have measured in these kinds of studies, when people are more similar they are more likely to find each other attractive.


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  • But the regional dimension is one of them.


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  • Today we're going to move away from the first dimension of music that we've been looking at, which is duration, or time, and begin to work with the second, which is pitch, and melody.


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  • What about the moral dimension of happiness?


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  • It is about 10,000 to one, the ratio 10000 of the nuclear dimension to the entire atomic dimension.


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  • Another dimension to keep in mind throughout this discussion is the dimension of technology.


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  • So I would choose something that have a wave lines off You wouldn't measure the dimension of a human hair with a yardstick, so I need something on this order.


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  • And it came down to what somebody else said here: that left the election on the other dimension, which might have been character or whatever.


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  • If I'm now working in one dimension, it's obvious because I'm not using any vectors.


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  • And if the prism is of sufficient dimension that angle can be magnified.


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  • I am modeling them as billiard balls of a finite dimension.


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  • That's true, although that may be a question of dimension.


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  • We know that this dimension is roughly one angstrom unit, right?


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  • What I did last time was to show you how to handle motion in more than one dimension.


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  • In fact, I'm going to use only two dimensions for most of the time because the difference between one dimension and two is very great.


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  • And don't ask me, well what about the relative dimension of this?


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  • You use it all the time, but maybe along one dimension.


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  • One is the lowest dimension.


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  • So leaving aside the specific example of beer, you think about some product that has some dimension on which it varies, and we can use this model to see how competition is going to work in that market.


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  • Another way of saying that, stop me if this is wrong, but one way to say that is we've been assuming that politics is one dimensional, left/right and there might be other things involved: character or even among issues, even among political issues it could be more than one dimension.


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  • Well one reason I want to go back is you'll notice I've been putting up these lines on the board and when we visited elections on the second day, we said that you could think of that line on the board, as being not just left wing, right wing politics but also some dimension of products.


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fractal dimension 分形维数;碎形維度

one dimension 一维,单面向

two dimension 二维

third dimension 第三维;立体感;栩栩如生

dimension stability 尺寸稳定性

time dimension 时间维度

physical dimension 实际尺寸;物理维度;外形尺寸;体积

single dimension 一维;单一尺寸

vertical dimension 垂直距离;垂直尺度

linear dimension 线性尺寸;线性标注

characteristic dimension 特性尺度;性能尺寸;基准尺寸

fourth dimension 第四度空间;四维空间

critical dimension 临界尺寸;重要尺寸

basic dimension 基准尺寸

sectional dimension n. 截面尺寸

overall dimension 最大尺寸;轮廓尺寸;总尺寸

external dimension 外部尺码

temporal dimension 时间维度,时间因次

dimension stone 块石;规格料

size dimension 尺寸大小;定形尺寸

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