• "So far,at this date and time, I have no information if we have received any formal invitation from the organizers of that Hague summit,".

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  • What does it tell us that we have a great deal of proverbs, or wisdom material in certain parts of the Bible that we might date to a certain time? What does this tell us about society and what people were doing?


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  • My date and I are just killing time right now. We are just kind of hanging out.


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  • Take Love Easy is by far her most adventurous album to date, as she alternates between pages from the Great American Songbook and time-tested rock tunes by Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.

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  • They had a certain time and date when the world was going to end.


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  • Damon Lindelof, one of the show's creators, says getting ABC to announce an end date for "Lost" three years in advance, gave them time to carefully craft the plot line leading to the finale.

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  • Some of these books which we think are roughly from a certain date, they will contain narrative snippets or legal materials or oral traditions that may even date back or stretch back further in time, and they were perhaps transmitted orally and then ended up in these written forms.


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  • For example, say you could be meeting somebody for the first time, perhaps on a date.


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  • In order to attend, you must know the date and the time. You can ask your friend, "When is your wedding?"

    为了能够出席,你必须知道具体的日期和时间,你可以问你的朋友,“When is your wedding?”

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