• She changed her area of study from English to science after she took a biology course that she liked.

    VOA: special.2010.03.14

  • There are many translations of the Bible, but I would like you to purchase for this course the Jewish Study Bible.


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  • Now there are of course biases when we study ourselves which is why it's not enough to just study the self.


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  • But that's not what happened. "In our study the majority of patients identified with newly diagnosed HIV infection were found late in their disease course."

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  • You know of course that this is absolutely crucial to the study of the law to this day: what are the grounds for understanding the meaning of the Constitution, for example?


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  • If you look at the other handout, you'll see, however, that any course on the Bible is going to run immediately into the problem of defining the object of study, because different Bibles served different communities over the centuries.


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  • I think it's reasonable for people who are considering the study of a particular subject in a college course to ask why they should.


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  • Of course the Canadians can study the Mexicans and the Germans can study the French.


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  • The study of political philosophy often begins as this course will do also with the study of the great books or some of the great books of our field.


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  • Needless to say, the satisfaction of John Milton, Sr. will have to be postponed to the great hereafter. He will not be able to reap the profit of his investment in his son's study until not only after his own death, but of course after his son's death as well. That's Milton's logic here.


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  • So one of my purposes of this course is to get you, whether you study Biomedical Engineering after this or not, excited about the subject so that you start thinking about how you could innovate in this area where lots of problems are still left to solve, so I'll see you on Thursday hopefully.


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  • Throughout all of this, they are subjected to a course of rigorous study and physical training that will lead them to adopt prominent positions in the military and other branches of public service.


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  • Of course I go and study them!


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