• Secretary Gates said that while the missile shield was never a threat to Russia, the new configuration will likely allay some of Moscow's concerns.

    VOA: standard.2009.09.17

  • And we put up this hypothesis that our observation is that octet stability seems to be an attractive electron configuration.


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  • The electronic configuration, all it is is the shorthand notation for that one electron approximation for the Schrodinger equation for lithium.


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  • "But the size and configuration of this facility is inconsistent with a peaceful program."

    VOA: standard.2009.09.25

  • And we talked about a triad being a configuration of three pitches where you take the first, the third and the fifth.


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  • ns2p6 And,electron configuration is always ns2p6.


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  • Milton's pushing here toward a fantasy of physical invulnerability imagining an alternative -- this is science fiction an alternative model of bodily configuration that would render impossible the all-too-easy quenching of the tender eyeballs.


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  • Six-month-olds don't, and even 12-month-olds don't find anything weird about this, while adults are sophisticated enough to understand that that's an unstable configuration and should fall over.


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  • So let's figure out the bond order for our two molecules here that we figured out the electron configuration for.


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  • if we're actually thinking about electron configuration and we look at lithium, sodium and potassium, these all have one valence electron.


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  • So here's the pneumonic I mentioned for writing the electron configuration and getting those orbital energies in the right order.


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  • So if we think about what we would do to actually write out this configuration, we just write the energy levels that we see here or the orbital approximations.


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  • And the reason that we use it is that it is incredibly accurate, and allows us to very, very quickly predict and to predict accurately, in most cases, what the electron configuration of molecules are going to be.


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  • But, of course, what you saw in recitation, and hopefully, what you can now think very quickly by looking at this, is that this is not the only configuration of pi bonds that we could have in benzene.


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  • And this is the same periodic table that you're going to get in your exams, so it's good to practice doing your problem-sets with that periodic table so you're not relying on having the double check right there of seeing what the electron configuration is.


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  • Then something that you probably have a lot of experience with is talking about electron configuration and writing out the electron configuration.


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  • These are all isoelectronic, they all have the same electron configuration. And we can also think about going back to atomic size for a second.


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  • And again, I've written for you, but you can figure out what the electron configuration is just by writing up in this order here.


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  • So, as an example, let's take argon, I've written up the electron configuration here, and let's think about what some of the similarities might be between wave functions in argon and wave functions for hydrogen.


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  • So for example, if we think about fluorine, 1 s 2 2 s 2 2 p 5 that has an electron configuration of 1 s 2, 2 s 2, 2 p 5, so all we would need to do is add one more electron to get the same configuration as for neon.


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  • But that's an idea of what it actually means to talk about electron configuration.


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  • So basically, at the time he was just going on size and then traits, but what we actually know today is that we can also order things in the periodic table by electron configuration.


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  • So, in this one we're selecting the correct electronic configuration for an ion.


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  • So here we're talking about v plus 1, so if we were to write it just for the neutral electron itself, we would find that the electron configuration is argon, that's the filled shell in front of it.


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  • This is ionic radii with a noble gas configuration.


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  • God's extremely peculiar configuration of the human body You read this and you realize that Samson is really on to something here Why didn't, we ask with Samson God implant the sense of sight in human beings just as he implanted the sense of touch or feeling?


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  • So, selenium 2 minus is what's going to be isoelectronic, because if you add two electrons to selenium, you'll get the same electron configuration that you have for krypton here.


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  • So let's do this considering, for example, what it would look like if we were to write out the electron configuration for oxygen where z is going to be equal to 8.


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  • So, if we want to think about what the first ionization energy is of boron, what you want to do is write out the electron configuration, because then you can think about where it is that the electron's coming out of.


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  • And I know there's a lot to talk about this competition, but let's just get into listening mode here and talk about how we can figure out what the correct electron configuration is for this ion.


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hardware configuration 硬件配置

system configuration 系统配置;系统结构

configuration management 配置管理;结构管理

network configuration 网络结构;网路配置

software configuration 软件配置,软件结构

configuration files 配置文件;设定档(configuration file的复数形式)

basic configuration 基本配置;基本形状

standard configuration 标准配置;标准安装;标准设备配备

configuration space 位形空间,构形空间;配置空间

circuit configuration 电路排布

initial configuration 初始配置;初始组态

configuration manager 配置管理器;组态管理员

configuration change 配置改变

configuration control 配置控制

memory configuration 存储器配置;存储器格局

machine configuration 机器配置

line configuration 线路配置;网络配置

absolute configuration 绝对构型

molecular configuration 分子构型

electronic configuration n. 电子构型;电子排布

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