• And it provides a guide to higher education in the United States, including explanations of commonly used terms.

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  • Because of this people have sought other kinds of viruses to use as vectors and one that's commonly used is an adenovirus.


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  • This is commonly used in the immune system as well, but it's a way of amplifying a signal.


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  • It is often mixed with cream of tartar, a fine powder commonly used in cooking.

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  • But it turns out that because the Standard I/O Library is -lstdio so common they don't force people to type this all day long because it's just so commonly used.


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  • It is commonly used, for example,in kimchee, a spicy Korean food made with fermented cabbage.

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  • The other but more commonly used monetary policy is to change the rate is to effectively alter the rate of interest on deposits.


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  • But hog is a term commonly used for any swine, especially a domesticated adult pig.

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  • That explains the name Buruli ulcer, the most commonly used name for the disease.

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  • We are going to explain some commonly used terms for plants and farm animals.

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  • The United States government might place new restrictions on a commonly used painkiller.

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  • The inside is treated with urea, a chemical commonly used as fertilizer.

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  • The most commonly used drug is levodopa combined with carbidopa.

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  • Mice and rats are commonly used to test new medicines.

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  • Many other French words are commonly used in English.

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  • The most commonly used drug is levodopa.

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  • Psychological counseling is commonly used to treat depression in pregnancy.

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  • "Commonly,it's a threat against their family back in their home country and it's used to put that person in a position where they feel compelled to provide labor or service in the United States."

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