• I shall come at you with everything I've got, because the limelight can only shine on one of us."

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  • It gets popped off the stack as one says and so you know what the values actually as we've hinted at with our brief discussions of forensics they're actually still there.


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  • And you like working with kids. But maybe just one or two at a time.


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  • They thought, for example, if you could do something with one element, if you looked at an element very close to it, it would be similar enough that you could maybe replace it with that.


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  • And we hope that at the end of the class, every time you're confronted with some technical problem, one of your first instincts is going to be, "How do I write the piece of code that's going to help me solve that?"


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  • You cannot have a spring pulled only at one side, because then it will then accelerate with infinite acceleration in that direction.


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  • Right. So similarly, if you've got one line of code with a semicolon at the end saying, this is the end of the statement, it doesn't really make sense to continue that conversation to try to continue conceptually that puzzle piece with curly braces.


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  • So you start with the bicycle pump at one bar, let's say, right?


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  • Yeah. I think one of the things that impress me in talking with you and looking at the work you have done is how pro-active you've been in going out and engaging in various communities.


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  • And he says this about his own little research: "I shall not hesitate to put down for you with my interpretations whatsoever things I well learned at one time from the Presbyters," just meaning the old guys,elders,"and well remembered, confidently asserting truthfulness for them.


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  • I want to share with you at the end today a study, one of the most famous studies in the field " called "the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study psychology".


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  • And, one other thing that I failed to point out, if you take a look at the energies associated with the outermost electrons, in this case, lithium, you see it's 0.5 megajoules per mole, and then what's the 6.26?


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  • So you take at least one, sometimes more classes with your cohorts.


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  • And so he said, if you start off with a male and a female, at the end of one month they have an offspring. Let's assume they have two offspring. At the end of the next month let's assume those offspring have offspring. Again a male and female.


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  • When you go today and look at the homework, you'll find the problem from the textbook, one extra problem that deals with all of this.


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  • What it means is if you'd release a rock at that location one second before with a certain speed that we can calculate, it would've ended up here with precisely the position and velocity it had at the beginning of our experiment.


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  • For the simplest context in which one can motivate a vector and also motivate the rules for dealing with vectors, is when you look at real space, the coordinates x and y.

    对于最简单的情况,我们能用矢量,以及相关的规则来处理的,是实空间,x-y 坐标系

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