• Just like athletes and spectators have their special moments at an Olympics, Neirotti beamed when she told about her special moment in Vancouver.

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  • And at moments you just can't remember your lines.


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  • And those are the moments of crisis in the society I don't think we were at anything like that in this country right now.


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  • So I went home to Alabama. Moments ago, at 2:25 P.M., as President Reaganwas leaving the...

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  • This is, I think, an unbelievable thing to have happen at one of the formative moments of twentieth-century feminism.


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  • Titled La Rafle,or The Roundup, the film takes a look at one of the darkest moments of France's World War II- era collaboration with Nazi Germany: the July,1942 arrest of 13,000 Parisian Jews.

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  • It becomes, at certain moments in the evolution of forms according to the Russian formalists, the dominant.


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  • You have those shower moments or you're walking at midnights in some town in New York City and you've got this amazing brand-new ideas.


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  • It is a substance self which therefore endures through time, thus thoughts and actions at different moments of time may pertain to the same self.


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  • Machiavelli's preference for these extreme situations expresses his belief that only in moments of great crisis, where the very existence of a state is at risk, does human nature truly reveal itself.


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  • Because they're trying to, they're competing for voters who happen to be close, or running out of gas at those moments, and by crowding together they avoid being out competed by each other in terms of position.


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