• "We wanted to get a little more hands on knowledge because our school wasn't really offering those kinds of courses or classes, so we wanted to not just sit around and read a book but actually do something,".

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  • But we've expanded the list of goods so it includes external goods and not only experiential or internal goods.


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  • And what matters,or so it seems to me,at least, isn't survival per se,but rather having the same personality.


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  • > Wow 210 and 233 and the total 550 that the teaching fellows got was 550 give or take so a little take maybe, but let's call it a success.


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  • There is legal homicide, of course, judicial death and so on in the Bible, but illicit homicide, whether intentional or unintentional, murder or accidental homicide. The manslayer bears blood guilt, what is referred to as "blood guilt."


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  • I don't mean necessarily by a "gentlemen" somebody who holds the door for others, or so on, but somebody who stands up for his family and friends in the way that he does.


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  • By moral judgment I mean not empathetic feelings, not feelings of caring and love or approval and disapproval, so they're not feelings of caring and love and empathy, but notions like something is good or bad, something--like something is fair or unfair.


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  • Gibberish, or so it sounded, or Greek but making no sense to anybody, and then the priest would listen to this stuff and he would say, what Apollo said through the priestess here is, and he would give the message.


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  • But focusing on things that are sustainable and scalable so that when we launch more schools or go into the next market or whatever we do, we're going to set ourselves up to have the same success that we've had without hurting our self in the current position.


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  • So even that wasn't loud enough okay, so we we really need to get people-- That was very clear, very nice, but we need people to stand up and shout, or these people at the back can't hear. So your name is?


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  • The clicker does not have any identifying information on it, so you're one of you know, three-hundred people in the class or so, and your response will show up but we won't know whose-- who it came from so there's no intent to use it in any kind of way of identifying people.


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  • So that's very sad, that part of his art was very very sad. But I still, I feel pathetic as I say in the last pages or so, but I never lost admire of his fortitude in going on and doing as much as he did.


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  • But we can actually evaluate different emotions and think about whether these emotional responses are appropriate or not, so we can ask whether or not fear of death is appropriate.


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  • So to be clear, we expect most students to very comfortably pursue the standard edition of the P set, but for this particular P set, and we have about 150 or so of these out on the hallway, and we'll have them at office hours throughout the coming week--this is a little logic board ; with lots of sensors; the sound sensor, a light sensor, a little joystick and the like.


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  • And this is a little different from what happened ten or so years ago, but the so-called Y2K problem was essentially the result of programmers not really having the foresight to realize, "Maybe we shouldn't use so few bits or so few digits to represent a year because eventually this will be a problem."


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