• "And it's just kind of sad too, because all the pictures that you get have this chain-link fence behind it.

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  • Can you talk about a little bit about how you get to convince, because you could be arguing and arguing, and all of a sudden you realize No.


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  • which I think is a great lesson for people because we're all kind of weird, you know.


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  • And there will be grumbling on the left if you want to get something done, but they ultimately need almost all of their party because they are going to get almost no Republicans to come along with them.

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  • They make the markets work because if you didn't have this there would be all kinds of crooks and bad actors.


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  • Okay. Longer sit down meals are unnecessary because you can just go buy it all of a sudden.


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  • Because of that, in order to efficient function, then you group all the like activities together.


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  • It's such a privilege to be a part of MAPP because what you have there in a year is all the top people from the field.


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  • I should tell you first of all that in this class, the taping is not going to affect you because the camera is going to be behind your head.


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  • There has been study after study showing that people in the military who were otherwise, for instance, racists after working with people of different races liked them more because you had all of the right ingredients.


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  • This is incredibly important because if you picture having a double bond in a very large molecule, you could have all sorts of other atoms off this way and all sorts of other atoms off this way, and you can picture the shape would be very different if you have one confirmation versus another confirmation.


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  • So gone through all of these dimensions, because I want you to make sure that you could understand that when you are creating an entire course or an entire educational engagement, it is very important to think about both the explicit and the implicit purposes.


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  • Her 2nd choice is to manage to coordinate at Matt Damon being a Yale spy, and then she really doesn't want to go and see Snow White, and the worst thing of all, actually this is for both players, the worst thing of all is to coordinate with Snow White because then you've got to talk about it afterwards at Koffee .


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  • This thing's nice because rather than do "if" and "and and" or "or or" and all of this, you can instead enumerate things a little more cleanly, albeit apparently at the expense of more white space.


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  • But it's really nice because you get to meet all other people of different cultures


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  • And also in terms of people saying, Well, you know what, that's all well and good because this is really fundamentally a Christian nation.


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  • Just a few small points. First of all, keep in mind that the bug is probably not where you think it is. Because if a bug were there, you'd have already found it.


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  • I say this in all my classes, I've published thousands of pages on different subjects, all of you can do it better, because you can do it from your own point of view you can do it afresh, you have new resources you are different people, you belong to different generations.


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  • It's worth saying a word about that, because I want to undermine any great confidence that you may have and what you can believe that scholars tell you, because we keep finding out how wrong we are about all kinds of things.


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  • because you've got all the tourists and all the local people kind of all together


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  • Have you ever felt any pressure because of all of the intelligent people around you?


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  • Toni Morrison was speaking for black Southerners in that, I think, fantastic line in her novel Beloved which I know many of you've read because it's taught all the time but there's that marvelous little exchange at one point between Paul D and Sethe.


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  • because you can tell that you and all of your team members are very tired.


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  • Okay, you know, it felt scary because you saw all sorts of characters,


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  • But it's all different degrees of terrible, if you will, because so many people in the population share that biological vulnerability and when the environment changes, we have the problems.


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  • And then there are some stupid syntax like curly braces and semicolons that initially are kind of annoying because you have to remember where all this junk goes.


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  • That happens because of space issues that you were asked to do that, because you can always assume that all of the core orbitals are already going to be filled.


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  • With the recent spike in food prices around the world that you've all heard of because of rising energy costs.


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  • It's very hard to start an insurance company because you've got to meet the requirements of all fifty regulators.


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  • But all of you in this room probably remember what we technically call the base 10 system or decimal system because back in grade school or the like, you learned to count and add and subtract numbers by way of columns.


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