• "We were here before a couple of times and I made the reservation at the Red Lion Inn about a year ago because I knew it would be very difficult this weekend when I heard about the festival.

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  • It's imperfect, though the English is quite spot on, I call myself during this lecture a couple of times a major government because gov major didn't quite translate very perfectly.


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  • So you'll just got like to look around and after a couple of times you come here,


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  • I'm gonna do it a couple of times today because I think it's such an important book.


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  • Again, for the math phobics in the room, don't panic, this is just writing down in words what we've already seen a couple of times already today, well today and last time.


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  • The Upper East Side people. Yeah, I've been over there a couple of times.


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  • It's not just the religious instant of looking down at San Narciso; it's the religious sense of the capitalized Word that comes back a couple of times towards the end of the novel, the epileptic Word.


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  • I have a couple of times in my life, though.


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  • And one of the things I mentioned a couple of times are some of the debates that occur on the question of dating.


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  • Start with a familiar fact, which I've already drawn your attention to a couple of times, that you can have a body that's dead.


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  • And when Hobbes tells that story, which he mentions a couple of times in the book, one can only imagine he must have had a kind of wry grin on his face when he wrote that out.


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  • That's happened to me a couple of times today.


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  • So this is version two of the swap function and, in fact, it is almost identical, this is before, this is after, before, after and it looks like the solution to this problem that we've been revisiting a couple of times now is just to do what?


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  • Yeah, one of the first times I went, I was with a couple of friends


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  • I go down a few, couple of times a week


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  • I chose 22 because I thought that most people would play the game dividing by two-thirds a couple of times, and give numbers averaging around the low 30's.


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