• 自律性异常、触发活动折返形成房速的主要发生机制

    Ectopic automaticity, triggered activity and reentry may be the mechanisms of the arrhythmia.


  • 结论触发活动可能肺静脉致心律失常机制中起重要作用

    Conclusion The trigger activity might play an important role in the arrhythmogenis in pulmonary vein muscle sleeves.


  • 结果提示,运动试验诱发VT机制可能是延迟后去极化触发活动肾上腺素敏感性增高自律性异常

    Combining with electrophysiological results, we suggest that the mechanism of inducing VT might he due to triggered activity and abnormal automaticity.


  • 结论心肌再灌注出现明显EADEAD起源于中层心肌细胞,由其介导触发活动可能再灌注心律失常发生主要机制

    Conclusions These findings show that EAD originates from the Mid during myocardial reperfusion in intact canine and may be one of the mechanisms of reperfusion arrhythmia.


  • 结论触发活动可能不是心室流出室性早搏发病机制,部分心室流出道室性心动过速的发病机制可能触发活动

    Conclusion Instead of involving in the right ventricular outflow traction extracontrations, triggering action may be responsible for the right ventricular outflow traction tachycardias.


  • 这些按钮可用一个信号以便用户能够触发一个活动业务流程

    These buttons can be used as a signal so that a user can trigger an activity or business process.


  • 钻孔应变观测记录同震应变对于研究应力触发断层活动具有特殊价值

    Strain steps recorded by borehole strainmeters are of special values in studies of coseismic stress triggered fault activities.


  • 监视特定条件是否成立,如果成立触发其他活动

    Polling. Watches for a specified condition to be true, and when it is, triggers another activity.


  • 粗略想法我们建模一个触发审阅活动事件处理程序

    The rough idea is that we model an event handler that triggers one review.


  • 沿着同震应力触发思路,提出了利用钻孔应变观测记录的同震应变阶反演同应力触发断层活动方法

    Following the idea of coseismic stress-triggering, coseismic strain steps recorded by borehole strainmeters are used to study coseismic stress-triggered fault slips.


  • 利用自然因素地质因素人类工程活动触发因素八个进行相关分析

    Moreover, the relative analysis of eight factors, such as natural factor, geological factor, factors of man's engineering activity, are made in this paper.


  • 为了数据库触发排序活动要重复下列命令多次例如3

    To trigger sorting activities within the database, repeat the following command multiple times, for example, 3 times


  • 任何不寻常活动触发警报意思是说,袭击有害内容可以探测阻止即使实际守则尚未确定

    Any unusual activity triggers an alarm, meaning that attacks and harmful content can be detected and prevented even when the actual code is so new that it has not yet been identified.


  • 研究团队将会采用光遗传学(optogenetics)——需要发射脉冲实现精确触发神经活动新兴技术——开发种可植入创伤性脑损伤治疗设备

    His team will use optogenetics, an emerging technique that involves emitting light pulses to precisely trigger neural activity, to develop an implanted TBI treatment device.


  • 但是线虫类细胞C.elegans优势在于透明的,光线过来可以触发神经活动

    But one advantage of the nematode C. elegans is that it is transparent; shining light over the animal triggers neural activity.


  • 滑坡发生机理性研究已经取得了大量基础性成果降雨尤其暴雨触发滑坡活动重要因素

    Mechanism research occurred in Landslide has made a lot of fundamental results. Rainfall in particular Storm rainfall is an important factor in triggering landslides.


  • 我们可以求助一个每个活动触发)都熟悉帮助完成分配任务

    We can turn to a person who is familiar with each activity (trigger) for help to finish the effort distribution.


  • 知道何时最有可能迸发创造力哪种活动触发创造力就不那么重要了除非准备一刻到来时候利用

    Knowing when creativity is most likely to strike, and what sorts of activities can trigger your creativity, doesn’t mater much unless you’re ready to take advantage of the moment when it arrives.


  • 这种跃迁类型活动状态完成活动触发

    It is a specific type of transition that is triggered by the completion of the activity represented by an activity state.


  • 注意供应商调用submitQuote操作输入消息必须通过离开这个接收活动触发过程继续执行

    Note that when the supplier invokes the submitQuote operation, the incoming message must trigger the process execution to continue by leaving the receive activity.


  • 虽然目前没有证明汶川地震水库触发地震活动但我觉得大胆假设小心求证很值得支持

    Although no one can presently prove it was the reservoir that triggered the Wenchuan earthquake, I think this bold supposition is worth the support of careful research.


  • 如果水层注入足够多二氧化碳压力足够高时,岩层活动触发地震,”英国地质勘查局安德鲁.查德威克警告说

    "If enough CO2 is injected into an aquifer, it could increase the pressure enough to reactivate a fault and trigger an earthquake, " warns Andrew Chadwick of the British Geological Survey.


  • 触发属性活动属性之前输入

    The Trigger attributes will be input before Activity attribute.


  • 毕马威实施一个称作“指南针”的方案指出了通向高级合伙人路上11职业里程碑一个都会触发一个发展活动

    KPMG has a programme called Compass, which identifies 11 career milestones on the path to becoming a senior partner, each of which triggers development activities.


  • 表示层模型基于应用程序当前活动页面触发一个规则规则基于这些规则针对用户相应调整该页面的导航链接

    The presentation module would trigger a rule or a set of rules based on the current active page in the application and adapt the navigational links of that page to the user based on such rules.


  • 可预测视域不熟悉刺激触发较少脑子活动支持看法脑子不是仅仅易反应的,但是引起根据最近过去预言

    Predictable sights trigger less brain activity than unfamiliar stimuli, bolstering the view that the brain is not merely reactive, but generates predictions based on the recent past.


  • 组件可以显示LotusNotes 的侧栏中,作为活动文本触发弹出窗口或者任何其他更加复杂LotusNotes扩展例如菜单贡献)。

    The components can show up in the Lotus Notes sideshelf, as pop-up windows triggered by live text, or in any other more sophisticated Lotus Notes extensions (for example, menu contributions).


  • 火山活动贯穿于冰岛历史当地板块移动地下深处岩浆地面造成的地震活动常会触发冰岛的火山

    Eruptions, common throughout Iceland's history, are often triggered by seismic activity when the Earth's plates move and when magma from deep underground pushes its way to the surface.


  • 通过这样单个事件事件序列都可能触发一系列异步活动

    Through this, a single event or event sequence can trigger a series of asynchronous activities.


  • 守卫条件控制某项活动完成后触发备选方案中的一个跃迁

    Guard conditions control which transition, among a set of alternatives, is triggered by the completion of an activity.


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