• 拇指鱼际定位上往下压的手

    Press: Press down by the thumb, thenar muscle, fixed-palm-root.


  • 招标组织中,结合医院实际工作需要,充分准备精心组织执行,保证招标工作的顺利开展

    So the abundant prepare, the organization with great care and the implement according to the law are considered in order to develop the inviting public bidding smoothly.


  • 结论:“充血按法即刻热效应显著作用层次深而且稳定出现。

    Conclusion The "hyperemic"Anfa had apparent instant heat effect, the heating penetrated deeper and was stable.


  • 一种古老传统适用范围很广在全身各部操作术。

    Pressing manipulation is a traditional manipulation which dates back to the ancient times, it has many indications and can be applied to operating on all the points over the body.


  • 同时开始治疗进行推拿治疗选用按法

    Simultaneously starts to the treatment group to carry on the massage technique treatment, selects rubs the law, the pressing, the spot law.


  • 适用于全身各部经穴指代发挥针刺治疗作用有“指针之称

    Finger-pressing manipulation is applied to all the channel-points and it can achieve acupuncture effect "with the finger instead of needle"; so it is also called "finger-pressure therapy";


  • 以下受审判

    All who sin under the Law will be judged by the law.


  • 没有的,必不灭亡。凡在以下的,也受审判

    All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law.


  • 通过唐钢石人铁矿地质条件的研究,以及岩块力学试验基础上,对唐钢石人沟铁矿岩体RMR进行分类然后霍克-布朗公式岩体力学参数进行了估算

    Based on the test of rock mass mechanics, the rock mass of Shirengou Iron Mine was classified by RMR method, and then, the parameters of rock mass mechanics were estimated by Hoek-Brown.


  • 协议双方在本协议下权利特权责任义务解释

    This Agreement and the rights, privileges, duties and obligations of the parties hereunder shall be construed in accordance with English law.


  • 10左右令俯者将头一方10左右

    Pushed about 10 times, and then will head down the other side, the law is still up about 10 times.


  • 坐堂是要审问违背吩咐么?

    And do you sit to judge me according to the law, and contrary to the law you order me to be struck?


  • 通过治疗取得了好的疗效

    Through pressing-lifting manipulation as the treatment method achieved very good results.


  • 客户包括焦头烂额承包商Lane以及现金流危机的地产商,土地抵押贷款等,都寻求贷款规定超过90利息为22%的贷款不允许的。

    Newer clients include struggling contractors like Lane, as well as cash-strapped real estate, land and mortgage brokers, seeking loans, which are pegged by state law at 22 percent over 90 days.


  • 三位有经验脊柱外科医师分别相同患者CT扫描MRI进行评估随机原则一个月内获取每个病人资料

    Methods. Three experienced spine surgeons retrospectively evaluated CT scans and MRIs of the same patients, obtained within 30 days of each other in a blinded, random fashion.


  • A测试四种厚度蜂窝纸板静态曲线

    According to A-Method, the paper tested static compressive curves of bee-board;


  • 没有了罪的,灭亡

    For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;


  • 深层搅拌施工工艺不同可以分为浆体喷射深层搅拌粉体喷射深层搅拌

    Deep mixing method can be classified into grout deep mixing method and powder deep mixing method by the difference of construction technology.


  • 然而公路隧道质量控制管理方面沿用矿山制定的质量检验评定标准显然存在局限性陈旧性

    However, highway tunnel engineering quality inspection and evaluation standard is being dominated by mine tunneling method that obviously exists limitation and obsolescence.


  • 本文作图顺序数据计算机应用最小合,可以迅速准确地得出威布尔分布参数值。

    This paper, through the picture procedure, employs the least square method to draw up the data in computation in order to get the parameters both quickly and correctly.


  • 结论阿托品眼膏微生物限度检查常规进行

    Conclusion The microbial limit test of atropine eye ointment could be investigated by conventional method.


  • 使用水平仪平行度误差进行测量评定时,目前一直沿用着手工图解计算进行数据处理

    In measuring and evaluating the parallelism error with the leveler, data processing is conventionally carried out by manually graphic and calculation methods according to the data measured.


  • 本文用有限单元平面形变情况分析了五座挡土结构,发现分析结果现场实测数据相当接近

    Five of these anchor slab structures were analyzed by finite element method in plane strain case, and the results of analysis are fairly close to the data obtained from field observations.

  • 平均每年增长速度固定资产投资累计计算外,其他均水平计算

    Average annual growth rates are calculated by level approach except that of investment in fixed assets is by accumulative approach.


  • 本文就北京地铁建设首次采用埋暗设计原理进行施工经验做了全面介绍

    The experience in Beijing underground railway construction was introduced, where the design by shallow cover underground excavation method and construction with NAM principles were applied.


  • 对于现金折扣总额核算,购销双方实际发生的现金折扣分别作为理财收益理财费用处理

    Cash discount is examined and calculated according to the total volume, the cash discount is treated as financing income and financing expenditure by buyers and sellers accordingly.


  • 采用二级模糊综合评判最大隶属度原则水平,将模糊优化问题转化普通优化问题

    The method of second-class comprehensive evaluation was adopted to obtain the optimal level cut set, and thus fuzzy optimization is transformed into usual optimization.


  • 借款公允价值扣除交易成本金额进行初始计量,采用实际利率成本进行后续计量。

    Borrowings are recognised initially at fair value, net of transaction costs incurred, and subsequently stated at amortised cost using the effective interest method.


  • 借款公允价值扣除交易成本金额进行初始计量,采用实际利率成本进行后续计量。

    Borrowings are recognised initially at fair value, net of transaction costs incurred, and subsequently stated at amortised cost using the effective interest method.


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